Back On Track

6th Jul 2015

Just so you know, I am back to my designing job. He he


The above picture is one of the banner available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Beli lah barangan buatan saya!

moment like this

3rd Jul 2015

one of my favorite day is a rainy day. there’s something so calming and peaceful about the rain. imagine my happiness when i woke up to a grey sky and cool breeze?


i don’t even care that my freshly laundered clothes won’t dry in this weather. *Ü* i’d take the rain anytime over hot, sunny weather – that’s because i dislike the heat! rainy days like this? it’s a perfect time to open up the window a lil and start painting. if inspiration wouldn’t come, i can always try out singing with those analog software thingy my fiance had in his macbook.

but as of now, i’ll be enjoying the sound of the rain while i try to paint.

oh, katie alice

2nd Jul 2015

Been pining over Katie Alice’s products lately. Last week, I just purchased 2 sets of Katie Alice Candy Flower Porcelain Handled Tea Spoon and already I can’t wait to use them. Another Katie Alice item that I really, really, REALLY need (yes, NEED over WANT) is the Katie Alice Flower Shabby Chic Pink Spot Polka Dot Cutlery Set.


It’s currently unavailable anywhere – eBay, Amazon, Katie Alice website, fishpond etc! And it’s so frustrating when you wanted something so bad (lol) and they’re not within your reach. *sigh*

I really hope Katie Alice reads this and will consider sending one to me. Ha ha

life is going to be awesome

1st Jul 2015

A few weeks ago, the World received devastating news of an earthquake at Mount Kinabalu that killed 13 climbers & mountain guides. It happened in Ranau, Sabah. A day later, my bff and I was driving towards Ranau for a birthday setup job that I have accepted just a week before. Was I nervous? Did I worry for our safety? Of course, I did. The tremors were still quite strong (still is to date) when we were there, in fact, we felt tremors during our stay at Pine Resort, Kundasang. But as the bible says,

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matthew 6:34)

The birthday setup was a success!


Photos were however in a sad state. Because of the earthquake and being worried so much, my DSLR CAMERA was the one important thing that I forgotten to pack along for the trip. *sigh* Had to use my icky camera phone. Haha. (I have since got a new iPhone for myself – which captures better photo quality in the event that I forgotten to take my DSLR camera along in the future. lol)

I must say, setting up for birthdays is a new venture that I’m beginning to grow fond of. In fact, I’m already spending more than I should have on cake stands and items for a table deco. Probably get some A1 Restaurant Furniture too if I see fit. Ha ha

In the meantime, I will continue working on my freelance graphic design job while waiting for calls/emails for party setup. Probably start brushing on my makeup skill and doing part time for weekend job. Oh yes, that’s what I’d probably do this year! *Ü*

currently obsessed with..

27th Jun 2015


Unfortunately, these babies are SUPER expensive (after converting them to MYR) and to date, I only have the 2 tier Grassland Roads Just Dessert Cupcake Stand (the one in pink & green color).

Will be purchasing the rest when I’ve saved enough. Perfect for family heirloom. lol