It’s been a while

11th Jul 2014

Well, hello there blog! How long has it been?

Wow, a lot has happened during my ‘absence’ from this blog. But before I go into the minor details of what’s happening (or happened), let me tell you something: I MISS blogging. I know… ever since Facebook took over my ‘online life’, I seem to be writing (or rant) a lot over there – and so there’s just nothing to write about in the blog.

Until recently when Kenny pointed out that it was through blogging that we made lots of friends, and it was the blog that made us really speak out our true feelings. Which is true! I wouldn’t have good and close friends as far as Spain, Canada & Sweden if it wasn’t for blogging! So this is the reason why I logged to my blog tonight. I miss this blog. And I miss blogging. It is here that I can truly speak my heart out without having to worry if someone would hit the ‘Like’ button on it or comment for that matter. And from now onward, I will *try* to log more and blog more. Ha ha

But for now, I will save my stories for my next post because it’s 1:08AM right now. I’m flying outstation tomorrow to meet someone who might be able to change my course of life and future… and I still haven’t packed!

Will let you know the outcome once I’m back. And if you’re kind enough, please say a prayer for me.. that my future plan will succeed.

God bless.

{} little einsteins cupcake topper

3rd May 2014

i am so thankful to my clients & customers for all the ideas and themes that they have suggested me or requested for. one thing for sure is that, without this particular client of mine.. i wouldn’t have known about ‘little einsteins’. ha ha


i am so old!

mommy’s day coming up!

3rd May 2014

have you thought of what gift(s) you’re gonna get for the queen of the home? honestly, i haven’t. there’s so many beautiful things around the mall that if money was not a problem, i’d get them all for the most important woman in my life!

i’m also considering those beautiful mothers ring from they’re too beautiful! hmm.. maybe i’d get my sister to join me in getting some huge gift for mommy this year!

what’s yours? help me out here!

Monday Musings (a very short one!)

3rd Mar 2014

Have you heard of good danelectro french toast before? Well, neither am I. My first thought when I heard about it was an actual “french toast”. Yep. Those that you used for toasting bread.

But I was wrong. It was actually a guitar pedal.

Well, forgive me but I know zero about guitar pedal or guitar. My partner should know about it, since he plays the guitar. The only thing I know is playing with my baking tools and crafting tools. Ha ha! And speaking of baking, I made my first carrot cake with cream cheese topping yesterday! I’d share the photo with you, but it’s on my phone. Just too lazy to get it transferred over here. :P But it.was.damn.good!

OK, back to work!