here comes christmas…soon!

6th Dec 2016

At every start of December, my family Whatsapp group will start beeping more often than always – it’s an indication that a family meeting is to commence and a family Christmas party is to be planned. So we had a family meeting last weekend. There were glorious foods involved too! (to be honest, I’m always excited for the meetings for this reason only. lol)

Amongst other things that we’ve agreed upon were the Christmas singing session – which is a MUST in every Sabahan parties. This is definitely NOT my favorite part, despite the fact that I love singing at home, but, singing at family parties is not my thing. However, to avoid Krampus’ wrath, I guess I’m gonna sing a song or two. Probably get my partner involved too; by getting him to learn a few songs by hoobastank – The Reason would be one of it!

Oh, this Christmas is gonna be a merry one. I can feel it already.

no public sharing of music please

1st Nov 2016

How many times have you been to public places like the eateries or hospital waiting room or cafes, and there was this one person who plays music through his/her phone loudly, causing discomfort to the people around them? Yes, that one person who plays his/her favorite song again and again with no regard of the public seated nearby! I did, numerous times, and boy that was so annoying!

Don’t they know how rude that is?? I mean, this is basic, common sense…

There are times when I feel like coming up to them and suggest them to get a detox beats for themselves, just so they could enjoy the music on their own without annoying the heck out of everybody!

when the lights go off

16th Sep 2016

Was at the clinic late last night with some friends to get some medical replenishments. on our way there, we walked past a group of teenagers, dancing and moving to the beat coming out of their music box. i could hear some beat of drums too, but i’m not sure if it was a drum dial kind of thing. and then i saw their leader, a yound lad, who was instructing them on their next move. it touched me so much seeing their enthusiasm and commitment to dance and rehearse, even in the dark. (it was a mini stage setup for public, but none of the lights were lit up) it’s good to see that our teenagers still appreciate dancing in the dark. lol