B*tch Talk

20th Jun 2006

I felt like eating burger today, so I went to the burger stall. As I approached it, the young lady who ran the business was busy talking to a male customer, so I stood behind her waiting. By the time she’s done, she just walked past me without looking, nor did she bother asking something like “Can I help you?” .. at least. :mad:

So she went to the counter and start toasting some meat for some burger order (I think – coz she’s toasting meats!) I went to the counter, and there she is, both eyes concentrating on the meats while her mouth was uttering words to another male customer who was seated not far from her. I assumed that she’s blind (for she couldn’t noticed a customer standing right in front of her. So I moved *again* to her left side. This time, I was in the kitchen. Still.. she didn’t bother talking me and instead, she was giggling to the male customers!! :mad:

I got pretty mad, so I said “Does anyone even work here?!” And guess what? She continued talking to the guys while toasting the meat! That bitch! :mad:

I lost my cool so I left the stall. Oh well, there goes my burger…. :sick:

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5 thoughts on “B*tch Talk

  1. Me, Myself and I

    such damn woman!! :@ WTF? I hate that people who ask for working for the costumer service and they don’t do their job properly!!! AAARRRGGGHH!! I would have punched her LOL ok, no violence hihihihi I would spread the ketchup in her face LOL !!

  2. Gabriela

    Hello Cindy. Thanks for commenting in my blog. NIce to meet you. I’m a Mexican living married to my American husband in the U.S.

    Hey, how bad the treatment of that woman at that burger restaurant.

    I believe she was just playing the fool.

    One day I had a similar situation and I asked the person in the counter in a subtle way “Excuse me, who is the manager?” She said “Oh, he is not here, but can I help you in anything?” Lol. And she changed her attitude for better, lol.

    Probably anyways, you can submit a complain? I believe you have the right to do so.

    Anyways, hope you are having a nice week and again, nice to meet you.

  3. Imbi

    She was rude!!
    Or very in need of male attention.

    I would have joked that if she would help me I would bring my handsome bother around the next time. (I have no brother. LOL!).

    Hun, file a complaint..


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