Rapunzel In The Making

19th Jun 2006

After sweeping and mopping the floor (yes, I did it around midnight), I was sweaty (well, not really THAT sweaty) hot and my hair got sticky. So I ran to the shower and decided to have a loooong nice shower. After the mini self-treat, :P I stick my face right in front of the table fan. I’m too lazy to actually blow my hair with the dryer. Then I noticed… OMG :eek: I’ve got dry hair!! :cry:

Actually I noticed it already long ago, but not as bad as today. it really IS dry! Thanks to the rebondings and dyes I’ve did the past years… this is the result. I really ought to do something. But how? Chop off the dry hair? I’ve bought shitloads of hair-treatment products (branded and too costly too!) but it doesn’t show much improvement. Comb my hair 100 times a day perhaps? :P Hmm.. time to surf the Net for more “suggestions”. Hee hee :D

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2 thoughts on “Rapunzel In The Making

  1. Me, Myself and I

    Hey Cindy! couldn’t chekc your blog yesterday as it wasnt showing up, it is ok now :)

    MMmmmm I good haircut is always healthy for your hair but you might try a hair mask. I treat my hair with it once a month or twice if summer season and it works perfect for me :) just a suggestion ;-)

  2. Imbi

    Some people say you have to use olive oil packs.

    Hennah is also good… but don’t blame me when your hair colours. LOL!

    Don’t comb your hair too many times, because it might get damaged too.


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