God Is Watching..?

1st Jul 2006

The other night, I had the strangest dream ever.

I was walking on a bridge with my niece, admiring the beautiful things we see around us. While we were talking, my niece accidentally slip and fell into the river. Terrified, I screamed for help while watching her helplessly sink into the deep water.

I remember there were 2 person who came over, with the intention to help.. but I couldn’t remember who that 2 person was. They asked me where she is, and I kept pointing at her, inside the river. They asked me again, “Where?? Where is she??” I was surprised how they couldn’t see her, sinking inside, staring at us with a look of fear. I kept pointing at her, and still, neither of them could see her. For some reason, I don’t know why I didn’t jump in to pull her up….

In the end, I saw how her life was taken slowly… and I started to cry. In between sobs, I could hear her voice whispering to me, “It’s ok… They let me come back..” Then I saw a reflection of her in the water, motioning me with her fingers on her lips… as way of saying “Shhh…” And for some reason, the 3 of us started to close our eyes and pray!

While I was closing my eyes, the most beautiful thing happened. I couldn’t explain it in words.. For the first time in my life, I feel so peaceful, like everything was lifted up from my body. (Ughh… I’m actually shedding tears while writing this.. :P) There was bright light around us and it feels like the time had stopped. I said a prayer, but I can’t remember which prayer exactly that I said…

And when I opened my eyes, I saw my niece, standing in front of us, smiling. Sitting on our hands, was a Bible, for each of us. It was the MOST beautiful Bible I’ve ever seen. It’s old, and the colors are faded, but it’s still very beautiful!!

Here’s the rough sketch I made that I could remember of the Bible I saw in my dream. It’s not 100% like the ones I saw.. but it’s the closest resemblance that I can remember..

I couldn’t decipher what the dream was about… maybe it’s just another dream of mine. But one thing for sure is, I believe that there Is someone up there, who has been looking after me all of this time…

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2 thoughts on “God Is Watching..?

  1. Imbi

    Did you try new soil? I believe the lavender needs a bit of harsh sandground.
    Maybe mix it with sand used for birdscages or beachsand.
    It took my lavender two or three years before I got flowers.
    I picked a lot for a friend…. Maybe I’ll take some photos tomorrow.



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