Green, Green, Grass of Home

6th Jul 2006

I’m currently back in my hometown, in Sabah. (Borneo) :D
The place is still lovely as always… perhaps I’ll take some photos soon.

You don’t find lots of polite or considerate people these days, do you? Or perhaps it’s just the people over here?
I did a lil grocery shopping today… As I did not plan to buy lots of things, I didn’t bother using the trolley. However, as I walk past the lanes, I see a few stuff that I think I should buy. :D So there I am, carrying stuff with both my hands while I clutch my wallet under my arm.

Went to queue for the cashier.. and a lady happen to be ahead of me. She was blocking the cashier table.. so I couldn’t place my stuff on it. She couldn’t be bothered even to move a lil so I’ll be spared from the misery of holding everything – not to mention heavy too! All she had on her hand was 2 piece of apples! And the girl at the cashier was working so slow! For goodness sake, I wanted to smack the lady with tissue boxes I was carrying. :mad: Or perhaps I should poke her with the juice bottle!

Oh, a lot of you asked me what I think of the movie The Superman Returns. Well… I’d say, it was OK. But it would be better if I see lots of famous and familiar faces on the movie. :P Not much action tho.. the storyline was OK, but it could be better. ;)

Well.. enough complaining for today. I feel like going for a facial..
Now where did I keep my facialist business card…..??

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One thought on “Green, Green, Grass of Home

  1. Imbi

    Well, you’re lucky none took the effort of snatching your wallet…

    But you are right. here too people are more rude and inconsiderate of others than they used to be.

    Two weeks ago we tried to go by bus. They have special cards, so I asked for them. The guy only had two instead of three. 5 busses at his side… He told me to buy a more expensive card… I said: no way!
    Then he offered a ride for the youngest for free…aha… and have me trown out by the controllers? Instead of getting a card at the other bus, he said he was a bit late that morning and didn’t have the time to get more cards. Well, hej…don’t we all have to prepare for work? Well…if we have work..
    So we stepped out of the bus and took another one. No problem…we were in time. Luckily.


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