Return of The Ex

22nd Jul 2006

Not too long ago, I posted about how my ex was bugging me with questions, txt messages on my mobile and non-stop calls at odd hours. After the last “F U” I sent to him, he stopped contacting me – or at least I thought so.

Well, these past few days.. he’s at it again. This time, even more daring. He tried to remind me of the plans we once made together. He have the balls to actually say I’ve forgotten all those plans! :mad: Well excuse me, don’t he realise that we are no longer together? Why would all those plans still matters? Is he being a dick jerk or plain stupid?

He’s currently with that bitch girl who once insisted on winning his heart while I was still with him. I remember seeing her txt msg in his mobile saying: “Although you’re with her now, I still insist to be in your life. You can’t just push me aside..” something like that. Can’t really remember the whole sentence.

What’s so pathetic is that, now that they’re both FINALLY together, she took the initiative to post ALL the photos ever taken of them together and post it in her Friendster. She even wrote words like :

  • “This is me and my dear XY”
  • “This is me and my dear XY again. Cute, huh?”

blablabla..yaddayadda.. ZOMG :baby: I don’t know what she’s trying to prove, not that it’s working on me tho. Ahaks!

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to talk about her. This post is about my Ex. :P

OK, well.. these past 2 days, he’s been sending me txt msgs late at night. He wanted to know if I’m still awake, he wanted to tell me how lonely he is, he wanted to know if I’m coming over to the city where he is currently working.. etc. Of course, I never bothered replying him. Why should I?? :mad: Yet, he still don’t get the message that I do not wish to have anything to do with him, nor do I care wether he’s eaten or not, lonely or happy.. I’ve moved on and I don’t have even the slightest feeling for him anymore.

Are all men like that?
Hard to let go of things? Memories?

Sigh.. I hope he’ll “wake up” someday.
I don’t wanna send another “F U” msg to his mobile anytime soon… as I do not wish to add the list of things to confess when I go for a confession at the church! :P

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5 thoughts on “Return of The Ex

  1. Me, Myself and I

    Oh dear, I didn’t know about it… that’s why u have been absent from the blog world during that time ?

    Anyways, if u let me to give u my opinion, I think u have done EXCELLENT about not bothering about him and move on from that time which is now past. Obviously it can affect you because we all “remember” and things remain in our brain, but also because they are disturbing you!!!! :(

    I think that if u want to cut this off you have to replie neither his calls nor his text. Just let him get tired from it and he’ll stop contacting u.

    If u need to talk or anything,I am here, sweetie :) HUGS!

  2. Gabriela

    In my very own opinion, yes, the best thing would be just not replying to him and he will give up, if that is what you want.

    So you say he is currently dating another woman? Maybe more reason for you not answering him at all.

    Answering to your question. I think that not all men are jerks, and there are still nice gentlemen, just women have to try to choose the right one out from the big bunch.

    Good luck Cindy and have a very nice weekend. :)

  3. Imbi

    ***sigh*** So now he realises you were important in your life, or is he just wanting to have another toy?

    I’m amazed you still have the same number? Can’t you change it?

    Maybe ask a friend to have the phone a couple of days, tell your ex he has bought it and steps to the police if he keeps on bothering him.

    Not all men are like that, but many are.
    There are good guys on the world, maybe we first have to go through a lot to meet them. Well…I’m ready… LOL!

    That friend posting their photos seems to me a desperate attempt tp prove that she belongs to him… how pityfull.

    You know where to reach me in case you want to talk to me.



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