It’s A Small World.. Afterall

5th Aug 2006

Bumped into an old friend.. so we had lunch and a cuppa tea together.

We grew up together in a small town..
…went to the same school
…being in the same class.. for 5 years.

Then I moved to another city.
He coincidentally moved to the same city too!

I played Ragnarok Online.
He was there too.

I played World of Warcraft… and guess what?
He PLAYED it too!! (We’re currently in the same guild..) :P

Meh.. it’s a small World, afterall…. :D

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9 thoughts on “It’s A Small World.. Afterall

  1. Gabriela

    Hi Cindy. Hey, what a big coincidence that this guy has been like in the same place and activities for a long time or in several occasions, just like you.

    Probably that is a sign that he can be your best friend?

    I say friend as you say he is already in a relationship.

    But if he were not, I would probably think he would be a good match.

    Hey, I loved your new layout. Looks like ad hoc for Summer. And liked that gorilla of the cartoon you posted. It’s so cute, lol.

    Enjoy your weekend and hugs.

    Gabriela. :)

  2. Gabriela

    Hello Cindy. Thank you for your comments.

    Hey, as a matter of fact, when it’s not sunny here (almost always out of some Spring and Summer), the sky is so cloudy and also foggy.

    So, you are seeing that blue sky in my pics as it’s Summer, but then it turns awful, lol. Really. Seattle’s general sky is cloudy and/or foggy. Escept for Summer and some Spring, like I said.

    Bye and hugs. :)

  3. Gabriela

    Oh, just knew it was your birthday.

    Hope you spend a very nice birthday Cindy.

    “If it’s not an indiscretion”, like Mexicans say, when was it?


  4. Gabriela

    Oh, forgot to say thank you about your nice compliment about my pictures. As you might notice, I’m a very crazy fanatic of everything that has to do with nature, so I love taking shots of that and I would say that my camera is my favorite toy, lol.

    Ok, anyways. Oh, yup, the cleaning is not nice, but I will try to enjoy it. :)

    Hugs. :)

  5. Imbi

    Oh…I thought it was the undertitle… but you didn’t wrote me, but meh… LOL!

    Interesting coincidences. So you have to stay friends, that’s for sure.

    Happpy birthday!!!!!!



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