One Day At The Mall..

6th Sep 2006

Estee Lauder counter..

Me: Hi Wendy!! Long time no see. I need a face mask today.
Wendy: OMG, Cindy is that you?! You’re much… bigger now!
Me: Yea… I know. I’m fat now.
Wendy: Wow, it’s been like a year since I met you.. I remember you were so tiny, look at you! You’re “round” now!
Me: I know….
Wendy: But it’s ok, you look really cute now. You know, young girls like your age looks nicer with round face. You have firm skin, unlike old people like me… we have sagging skin. (OMG, she thought I’m 16!!!)

Well.. I must say, I got depressed when I heard that I’m “fat” now. Something needs to be done immediately!! :cry:

Should I go on a crash diet? Slimming pills? A biscuit a day keeps the fat away?
No, that doesn’t sound right. It’s unhealthy too….

I wonder why girls always have the perception that being THIN is the IN thing. Look at the Hollywood stars.. look at Hilary Duff! She looks anorexic! I mean, what do these girls see themselves on the mirror?? Sexy?? The medias are to be blame. We see super thin girls everywhere we go. Magazines, advertisements, billboards, TV,… everywhere!! It’s like sending messages to all girls in the World that BEING THIN is what you need to look beautiful!!

OK, I don’t wanna be dramatic here… Back to the point. I need to lose some weight – again.
Hmm… can you imagine how I’d look like if I’m super thin?


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6 thoughts on “One Day At The Mall..

  1. Imbi

    You’re right.
    Those people dealing with catwalks and fashion are mad.

    But it’s easy to make a dress for a broomstick. I think that’s the reason.

    They hardly make clothes for the catwalk for pregnant people, or alive 50 year olds.

    I’m sure of they did they would sell far more.

    I think what Wendy said says more about how naïeve she is about the world than about your body.

    Healthy eating, with enough fibers, and a real treat once in a while, gives you the body you’re supposed to have.

    And besides…. it’s the person you are that counts.
    And that person is perfectly OK.


  2. Cheri

    Hiya chick! I’m with ya, there is a problem every place it seems with being thin. I mean I would love to lose some weight but I”m also perfectly content the way I am now with being pleasently plump! LOL As long as YOU like yourself and love yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks of you! I hope you are having a great week so far! Happy hump day! Hugs!

  3. Me, Myself and I

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH! :eek: WTF??? Gosh, that’s puky! :sick:

    Darling, curves are gaining path ones again and it is prove men don’t like esqueletors. Don’t pay too much attention on this kind of comments.

    I am round and I am happy with it! :flirt:


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