She Aint Heavy, She’s My Sister

9th Sep 2006

Yesterday, I went over to my sister’s apartment.. where she shares with 9 other girls! :eek:

Gave her the stuff mom bought her, and then I handed her some cash, the bunny I bought her, a mini notebook (laptop) and a 1GB Handy Drive. I asked how she’s doing, how she’s coping with her “new” life, college.. she said everything’s ok.

I bitched about her staying in a small apartment with 9 other girls, and suggested her to rent a room instead. More privacy. More room. Bigger cupboard space! She just gave me a smile, anyway. Sigh.
When it’s time to go, I gave her a hug and drove off.

As I leave her waving behind, I sobbed and cried my heart out. I don’t know why! I guess all these while, I haven’t been the best sister to her (we were never close, anyway..) and I felt sorry, sad seeing her being apart from my parents. She reminded me so much of my college years. Being away from parents, living alone.. being ALONE. But I’m sure she’ll cope with it soon. She seemed happy when I met her.

Oh.. we’re going out tomorrow tho.
I’m taking her shopping for new clothes! *hee hee* :kiss:

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7 thoughts on “She Aint Heavy, She’s My Sister

  1. Me, Myself and I

    Sisters are sister Cindy, and the relationship between them isn’t as the one with a friend ( because here it is the difference between both concepts! ;))
    However, never is late to havinga closer relationship. Maybe you can take adventatge of this new situation, where your sister might need someone familiar to talk with about this new experience and better someone who already went through the same like you!:)

    I also recommend you to suggest her looking for a single room for her. It is good fun to share house and bedroom but after some time you get sick of peole because you don’t even have intimacy when you go to the bathroom!:angry:

    Hope you are feeling good Cindy :kiss: and sorry to make you feel bad with my post :shy:

  2. imbi

    You’re such a good, kind person.
    And your sister is lucky to have you. Very lucky.

    I remember my time as a student and I loved all the people around me for some time.

    Maybe you can ask her to tell to you how she experiences it all. If funny things happen. If people share their emotions, or if it’s just sharing fun.
    Some people have a strong feel to belong to a peer group, and they need the experience to get more aware of their own identity.

    I wouldn’t offer helping to find a single room, but I would tell her that if ever she needed to perk up her room, or wants to move or something, you would feel offended if you wouldn’t be able to help. Put it with a smile, like you’re joking. But make it clear, so she won’t forget.
    Maybe do it while handing over a new adressbook with your adress in it. (“days and nights” after it). A new life a new adresbook.

    I think it’s important she doesn’t feel mothered after, or criticised, but to feel independable, with someone who really cares and is ready to sit down and listen.

    I came here to tell you it’s saurday morning here. 10.45. LOL! So you’re far in time before me.
    And to aks you officially to become my online sister. :flirt: Well. you already are. :D


  3. Ria

    Hey that’s SISTERS 4YA! I am 9 and a half years older than my sis, so when she was 8-9 I was already with a job and I took her everywhere, clothes shopping, long beach drives etc etc.
    Now she lives nearby (next town) and I see her very little (her work schedule-etc) There are time I feel bad for her, ’cause she has always been struggling in her career, It is a very competitive one!
    We (older siblings) help them as we can, but we also have to let them “do their thang” (so to speak) so they can learn to survive and make it in this world (Ofcourse I have always been in the background for when, and/or IF she needs a bit of help), The same thing I do with my 19yr old son, I am there for him, but I also “push” him to learn to be a “survivor”in life. (he is more stubborn than a mule..!!!) arrrrgh…!! LOL!
    Taking her out shopping is a GREAT start to “re-light” your “sister relationship”… Do it, it will make you both feel better, and more “attached” to eachother.

    Have a Great Weekend (Weather here is GORGEOUS) I hope you have bright Sunny Skies… :) ‘Ria


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