Had A Terrible Headache…

15th Nov 2006

Damnit.. while I try to enjoy “One Tree Hill”, this headache just won’t get away. Somehow I managed to endure till the end of the show. I like that show! Altho when I saw it the first time, I didn’t like it. I still prefer “The OC”. TEEHEE.. but I guess the storyline finally got me.

Oh, back to my headache.. I went to bed early today. Too early that I actually woke up at THIS hour at 3:15am!! *sigh* It would be hard going back to sleep again… Ah heck, I shall blog something then force myself to sleep. :P

So, earlier today I went to Ziziano Silver and bought this beautiful ring:
Omagad, I so love it!

…Actually that ring was my 2nd choice. =.=”

I wanted to get the other ring that’s encrusted with those colorful mother of pearl, but so unlucky.. that’s like the last piece of ring and the shop ran out of stock/size. SIGHHHHHHHHHHH. Stupid fingers of mine too thin for that ring.
I wanted that one SO BAD. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH But nevermind lah, this ring also pretty. TEEHEEHEE

Oh, I noticed that most of the shops at the mall today have already started with the Christmas deco! ZOMG! I went to this shop called “Living Quarters” and I almost DIED!!!!

Look at those dolls!!! CHRISTMAS DOLLS!!!! I hid behind some Christmas tree and just giggled alone, fascinated by the beautiful Christmas decorations… and I started to imagine like I’m in this Christmas Land. Just look!

More Christmas trees!!

Seriously, I can die a happy girl in here.

I can’t wait for Christmas to come! There’s SO MANY things to buy – for myself. Hahahahahaha! Well, gotta stop now. I’m kinda hungry already oh… Look what I got for supper.

Maggi Mee Chicken (instant noodles) + mix vege + an egg.

Thank goodness for instant food. I don’t have to go through another burnt chicken experience again! TEEHEEHEE.

Catch ya’ll later!

God bless. ;)

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3 thoughts on “Had A Terrible Headache…

  1. Me, Myself and I

    Your Xmas pics reminded me Harrods in London. It was 10th september and my sister came over to visit me to that city and what the hell when we saw the xmas deco was already up!!!! :eek: unbelievable!!!!!!!!:sick: but the rooms showed itself really pretty and the xmas mood surrounded us :love:

    The ring looks nice although I wouldn’t be able to wear it as I am sure I would get sticky to all my jumpers etc hehe!

    Hope u get over from your headache!!

  2. Imbi

    O dear… that’s too much!
    No wonder people get uncontent, and aren’t able to face up to the present.

    Oh my dear… it’s still weeeeeeeeks to go.
    We here have Sinterklaas in between..

    But it looks nice.

    As does your ring.
    I like it very much.


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