I Hate Surprises.. sometimes

28th Nov 2006

Honestly, I dislike getting SMS early in the morning.
It panics me.

When cousin Jublie passed away, I got the call at 6AM.

When Nina (grandmama) left us forever, I got the call at 6AM.

I HATE crying early in the morning.
It makes my already-swollen eye gets swollen more! :P

No, seriously.. getting a rude wake-up calls are bad.
If I have heart attack how??
I would’ve died on the bed in a not-so-good-to-look-at kinda face.
Oh please, I don’t wanna die in my pyjama with no make-up and proper hairdo!

So when my phone beeped again this morning (but it was 7AM lah.. hehe), I had this panic attack again!
Did we lose another family member??!!
And then..

(I really need to learn to calm down)
Oh… on a lighter note, I’m so glad that Miriam love what I did for her. :P
Here’s a screenie of the lil gift I got her. *teehee*

I made her a new Blogger Skin! :dance:

You know — it feels nice knowing that people appreciate what you did for them.
And with a “Thank You” note as BIG as hers, one can never miss to see how she feels for the gift. :P

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5 thoughts on “I Hate Surprises.. sometimes

  1. Me, Myself and I

    LOL! you know ? I might be one of the weird persons that don’t love cell phones. I agree they are useful and they are necessary BUT! I switch them off at 11pm and till I am not up again I don’t turn them on. It means they cannot wake me up!!! I know sometimes there are emergencies but hell, they can contact me by the line phone :angel:

    Really, the more I see my blog skin the more I like it :dance: and the more I see how much u know my tastes!!! :party:

    BTW!? why don’t u do custom blog skins?????? really! i mean, like a hobby, to get a few demands and work when u have time. Just and idea!!!!!!! :D

  2. cindy Post author

    Hehe.. glad you like the skin. :D

    Actually that’s a good idea, sweetie.. BUT at the moment, I don’t think I wanna have that “pressure” of knowing I have a few “demands” to work on. It’ll just make me rush on things. Something like that. :P

    Anyway, perhaps someday.. when I’ve really mastered the whole thing. I might. But not at the moment. *teehee*

    Thank you for the thoughts tho, hon. :flirt:

  3. Gabriela

    Hello Cindi. Thanks for the nice wishes. Yesterday was nice but started snowing like about 5 p.m. so the way back home from work was hectic and took long, but thanks to God made it back home safe.

    Today the highway to work was so full of snow that Brian & I did not go to work (the news whowed awful weather conditions and cars stuck on traffic and others that broke down on the highway).

    Hey, I love the layout you made for Miriam. It’s beautiful.

    Have a very nice week and take care.


    Gabriela. :)

  4. Imbi


    What a great expression… Wow!!!

    I hate cellphones… People think they can step into your life anytime.

    I just switch it off at evenings when I’m home and I put it on in the morning when I feel up to it.

    We don’t have a normal phone anymore. Boys are terrible using them. They worse than girls. LOL!



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