I Feel Like..

26th Dec 2006

showing off to you..

..my newest addition for my closet family!! :party:

A pretty purple robe for me to keep myself warm^^
Don’t you just love the color?
(I know, I have VERY good taste with colors. *teehee*) :P

And another one:

A brand new pyjama! Yay!
I really love the color, it’s so sweet. ;)
It also have the word “Diva” written on it – with glitters too! *teehee*
(Finally I can show the “Diva” in me. LOL)

I actually wanted to model the clothings for you, but… I’m too camera shy. :shy:

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3 thoughts on “I Feel Like..

  1. Me, Myself and I

    hahaha! yessss, I wanted you to pose! :P

    Very nice clothes, Cindy! I am not too purple fan, but I liked the items anyways :)

    BTW, didn’t you get my parcel yet? I sent it a week ago. I am going to wait till day number 15 since I posted it and if you don’t say anything new to me, I’ll go and reclaim about it. I am calm though because I certificated it so I am sure it has to arrive over your place!

  2. Erin

    Diva :) Yay!!

    Anyway, I’m home!! It was so hard being away from my blog but I’m home and I have photos!! I really like your layout- getting new color on your toes? :D I hope that your New Years is less lonely!!!


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