A Sinful Dinner

17th Feb 2007

I always love going to the Vietnam Kitchen in 1 Utama. My favorite food would always be the Beef Brisket with Tomato Sauce and Ice Blended Mango Smoothies. I love the Beef Brisket because it tastes of tomato so much instead of beef (I’m not a big fan of beef actually) and it has a slight spicy taste – which is good, since I’m not a spicy food eater. In fact, I don’t take spicy food at all. If I force myself to take spicy foods, I will cry! Seriously. Anyway, that’s not the case here. I’m supposed to talk about my dinner. :P

So if you wanna know about other foods they have, don’t ask me. I’ve never tried the other but these. LOL! Maybe next time I’ll try other foods so I can brag to my parents (when I have the chance to take them there) and tell them which is good and which is not. (But I bet ALL the foods in the menu are good. At least they look yummy in the photos.)

Oh.. I actually tried the Spring Roll too. They’re really crunchy and yummy!

Oh man, I wonder how much calories those foods are? I really need to cut down my food intake I guess, if I wanna reach a target of “super slim”. LOL. Meh, to tell you the truth.. I think I’ve gained some weight. I tried on an old short of mine earlier and surprise, surprise.. it was kinda tight on the waist side!! :cry: I’m not that panic, anyway. Maybe the short is old and the washing machine shrunk it’s size. (Girls, you must ALWAYS tell this to yourself everytime you can’t fit in your old clothes). Anyway, my losing weight mission is still on – only I don’t know when I will actually start it!

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6 thoughts on “A Sinful Dinner

  1. Erin

    that looks good! (I’m not a spicy food fan either but mango smoothies sound great!) I don’t know about the calories- does the restaurant have nutrition info (I think it might be law in the US for restaurants to have nutrition info like calories available for customer…)

  2. imbi

    Whith weeks added to your life, grams are added.
    It’s a natural thing.

    I think it’s a man’s idea that women have to be slim and their bones have to stick out.
    No other woman would have her sisters doubt their looks, and be on diet all their lives.


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