Am I Evil?

31st Mar 2007

A friend came over my place to fetch me out for a late supper. On our way to the stall, we passed by a car parked at the roadside with a door open and blinking emergency lights.

“Maybe we should stop and see.”
“No, it’s dark out there! You’ll never know what’s waiting for you in that car..”
“You’re right. It’s probably just some couple making out..”
“With a door open?!”


We proceeded for our supper and came back after an hour or so. We passed by the same car again. The lights were still blinking and the door still open. This time, I’m dying to know what happened so I asked my friend to slow down the car. I peeked through the window but couldn’t see anyone.

“Look, all the stuff are on the pavement!” screamed my friend.
“What stuff? I don’t see anything..”
“You’re not wearing your glasses, silly!” -.-

Well according to her, the passenger’s side mirror are broken – it looks like someone smashed the window and opened the rear door.

“I think someone broke into the car to steal the stereo.”
“I think so too..”
“Should we call the cops?”
“No! They might ask us to write a long report at the station.. worse, they might think we did it! Besides, we don’t know who’s the owner of the car!”
“Let’s check out the car then?”
“Hell no, the robbers might still be there!”

So we drove off and went back home like it never happen.

I still feel guilty for not calling the cops….
Whoever the unlucky car owner is.. I hope nothing important was stolen.. :(

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