Down Memory Lane.. Once More

30th Mar 2007

I remember creating my first “Homepage” at Tripod back in 1996.. it was a simple website with silly background of colorful heart candies and annoying header that blinks. I remember staying up all night scanning photographs after another so I could upload them and showcase it to the rest of the World. LOL! I remember posting a photo of me on top of a tree too.. :B

I think I’ve deleted that page (or maybe I forgot the URL).. I don’t know. If I DID delete that website, then it would be one of my biggest regret in my life. I should’ve kept it for future reference at how “smart” I was with my first website. Besides, it would serve as a good joke for my future kids. *giggles*

I do, however, own another website in Geocities. My 2nd website, created back in 2003. Abandoned, never updated and a few dead links are some of the things you’ll find over there. You’ll also find a few old graphics that I drew in that website too. (I used to have a Graphic website called Borneo Graphics)

I’m glad I kept that website for I had a good time reading the pages all over again today. If you’d like to visit, you’re more than welcome to enter my cozy online home^^

Feel free to sign my Guestbook too. I know there’s a few S-P-A-M there but nothing I can do. I forgot my username & password for that Guestbook. Worse, I forgot which email I used for the registration – hence there’s no way I could retrieve my password!

p/s You *might* love the background music in the Guestbook too. :B

UPDATE: Someone left a PRIVATE entry in the Guestbook lastnight….. -.-

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5 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane.. Once More

  1. massy

    punya cute..i remember when i first started with designing my website..didn’t haf any knowledge with any graphic use the blinking colorful text and some animated icons to do the job…

    think i change the layout many many times…

    the current one oso are very much dead now hahahaha

    i designed few website for frens and families before. now i’m dead at designing *uhuk~

  2. pelf

    Ooo la la.. I created my FIRST ever homepage back in 1996 too, when I got my FIRST ever personal computer.. I remember putting so much effort into it I was practically eating and sleeping “homepages”. My Mum almost killed me whenever then phone bills came!

  3. Me, Myself and I

    oooohh I remember your site!!!! :love: I remember it was one of my fav. and which I thought it was best-made site! :yes:

    Remember I asked you for a Spanish doll???? :B it was super cool! thanks for all your html, graphics tips and all your fav. graphics you shared with me :D :love: :love:


  4. Ann

    Oops! Cindy.. that someone is me.. :x sowy ah.. I totally forgot that you don’t have the password to access the site. :*( I’ll pay your site a visit again sometime later.

  5. cindy Post author

    LOL Ann. :B So it was YOU!

    Ah well… hopefully I’ll accidentally remember the login & password someday. LOL!


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