Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

6th Mar 2007

How come nobody told me it’s the month of Lent already??

I had Japanese food last Friday and was happily blogging about it, and today I read from a friend’s blog who said:

“..since it’s the month of Lent, my wife and I decided to go for vegetarian food.”

Holy cow! I had meat on a Friday, IN THE MONTH OF LENT! >< Ahh.. I feel like a bad Christian. Speaking of being a Christian, I remember a few years back (during college time), my best friend and I decided to go out after a long day of assignment-writing. We went clubbing the whole night, went home around 4AM with a bottle of tequila on our hand. We decided to continue drinking since the clubs were closed. Come 7AM, we were still talking, laughing and drinking – getting really drunk too!

“Hey Tess, isn’t it Sunday today?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Wanna go to church?”


“Yes, I’ll take a shower and get changed.”

My best friend went home to get changed and we went to Sacred Heart Cathedral. We arrived at the church on time but there was no seat left so we had to stand. Drunk, dizzy (we haven’t been sleeping for 2 straight days!) and heavily smelled of booze, we both tried hard to concentrate on the mass, at least I did. It was awful, I tell you. Try standing while you’re drunk and keeping yourself balance too! LOL.

Well, the mass seemed like it’s taking forever. I was cursing (forgive me, Father) when the priest gave a long sermon. I felt like passing out and I couldn’t keep my balance. I had to cling on my best friend to stand still. Well in the end, my best friend and I couldn’t make it to the end. We decided to leave after the priest’s sermon.

Lesson: Don’t get yourself drunk on a Saturday night. :P

So I’m not a bad Christian afterall. I even had a Cross tattoo on my right arm!

Of course, I’m kidding. *teehee* That was a temporary tattoo my best friend and I had not too long ago. I would never alter my skin with tattoos or my mom would have a fit. Sometimes I envy people with tattoo on them, but I couldn’t imagine myself having tattoo at an old age when my skin starts to wrinkle. The tattoo would look really bad on a sagging skin! LOL! (no pun intended for those who have tattoo)

Ah well. That’s my story of the day. Hopefully you’ll learn some lesson from my experience. Haha. I have to stop now, I broke a glass in my bedroom last night. I’ve already swept it off, but I think there are pieces of shards all over still. I just stepped on one when I woke up this morning so I need to vacuum it off. I hope you have a nice day. I’ll blog hop later!

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11 thoughts on “Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

  1. imbi

    :crazy: That sure must have been the longest mass in your life. LOL!

    I always wanted a bracelet tattoo, but I still haven’t found the right one.

    I hope your day is great.


  2. Erin

    yes, I thought of you too with the earthquake! hope you are okay!
    I thought that the tattoo was real LOL (but I have a butterfly on my back so I don’t think tattoos are so bad…)
    and don’t feel bad for lent- we don’t practice it in my church really and I gave up saying bad words anyway, but it only lasted one day :D

    (Finally, I have to tell you because it was on TV tonight, to keep watching “Heroes” because it gets better and better!! I don’t know which guys you think are cute but let’s just say that Sylar is consistently wicked!)

  3. Me, Myself and I

    LOL!!! GREAAAATTT!! *Me claps* I was starting to think I was the only one who got drunk while partying and that slept 2 hours and attended… my work! :D:D

    Oh dear, that would be hard to bear! godness, no way you already won the heaven b going to the church in that state hihihihi :clown:


  4. Haizum@Acom

    *laughs at Mass story*

    That must’ve been something. =p

    And speaking of Lent, it’s been fun to try and pick which restaurants to go to when my friends and I go out. They’re always reminding is “Acom, it’s Lent. Remember. Me and Nette can’t take meat.”

  5. imbi

    What earthquake?
    Hmm. and me thinking all day you weren’t updating here because you were bussy dealing with problems with family or friends.

    Here on tv they said that the earthquakes could be felt at your place too.

    Guess you were sleeping.

    Lucky you.


  6. Yvy

    Oooooo….nice ‘tattoo;. :) I had a henna one done before I got my real ones done just to see what it would look like on me and it gave me rashes!!!! No more henna on body anymore….now, it’s only the real thing! Heh…..


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