I’m Dying For..

8th Mar 2007


Ever since I saw that Dominos Pizza pamphlet, I can’t stop thinking of chocolate cake!! HALP!!! It’s been 3 days already and I’m abstaining myself from taking chocolate cake (am trying to so-called lose some weight. keh..keh..) and oh I tell you, it’s HELL!

Yesterday I passed by Dunkin’ Donut’s store and oh dear, I almost couldn’t resist them. I wanted to buy a whole box of donuts and bring it back home to eat while I watch my mega collection of “unwatched” DVDs.

I need a shoulder to cry on… :(

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9 thoughts on “I’m Dying For..

  1. imbi

    You are making me nuts!! Mmm…chocolate!!

    Well, each time you think about it you have to run around the block…..

    You’ll only loose weight when you speed up metabolism…

    So I’m trying to accept-it route. LOL!

  2. massy

    omg~ the chocolate cake is so rich! remind me of the chocolate my fren’s mum made for us. damn! tasty! and rich chocolate *drools~

    we dun haf dunkin donuts here woo~!!! WHY DUN WE HAF!?!?!!? *muka x puas ati. I want the mint chocolate donut!!!! I love that one!!! wooo~!!!!

    cin making me craving for em woo~~ dominos wooo~~~ the last time i had dominos was like last 2 years damn..woo~~~~ *cries~~~

    oh i’m in the process of losing weight oso..i gained quite a bit *uhuk~

  3. cindy Post author

    I just finished watching Nip/Tuck Season 4, Mel.
    I still have DVDs of Marie Antoinette, The Holiday, Stranger Than Fiction etc etc… to watch. :crazy:


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