Memories Of An Ouija Board

14th Mar 2007

* WARNING: Long post ahead

Have you ever seen an Ouija Board?

It looks something like this:

This is the William Fuld design

It is believed that one can receive messages during a séance by the Ouija board, simply by placing the finger on the planchette which then moves about the board to “spell” out messages.


I did.

..and I’m going to share my experience with you. Prepare a cuppa coffee, get a comfortable seat and enjoy my entry of the day.. :P


I was sent to a boarding school back in 1991. Every night at 8 o’clock, we’ll go to the Study Room and stayed till 11PM. What we plan to do after 11 is up to us. Most would stay to study in the Study Room while some would be off cooking instant noodles for supper. Lights off at midnight and so the activity begins…

One night, a senior (who happened to be my roommate) invited me to a “special gathering” at the Senior’s Study Room. (Juniors & Seniors have separate Study Rooms) Excited to be invited by a Senior, I accepted her invitation so we head to the Senior’s Study Room. It was after 12 midnight and we had to sneak out of our bedroom and walked past the Warden’s house silently. When we finally arrived at the Senior’s Study Room, there it was.. on the table.. an Ouija Board! (a home made Ouija Board by the way – made out of cardboard. LOL!) Ah well, can’t expect us to have the AUTHENTIC Ouija Board, we were students who lived off our parents’ money..

We were made to swear not to mouth about this gathering to anyone before we were allowed to sit. Everyone made the pinky promise, I did too. Heh. As I was a newcomer, I wasn’t allowed to sit at the main table.. so I sat behind the Senior (my room mate) holding on to my pillow. (Ya, I brought my pillow with me. LOL)

It was pitch dark in the room. The only light source we had was the candle placed next to the Ouija Board. A coin (20 cents coin) was placed on the home made Ouija Board. Four seniors sat at the main table, placed their finger on the coin and started chanting..

“O spirit, spirit of the coin.. please come in.”

The chants continued.. my hair at the back of my neck started to raise. I could sense an eerie feeling around me. It was really creepy.

Suddenly, the coin began to move.

I looked in amazement. The “leader” started asking questions like “What’s your name?”, “Where did you come from?”, “How did you die?”. Surprisingly, all questions were answered and it looked like everything was going smooth. A Senior (who was sitting with me, watching) suddenly said,

“Hey.. if you guys weren’t bluffing, ask her what color is the panty I’m wearing right now!”

O-R-A-N-G-E came the answer.

She peeked in her pants and gawked. “Shit, that was right!!”

They played with the Ouija Board until it was close to 2AM when they finally decided it’s time for bed.

“O spirit, spirit of the coin, please go home.”

The coin spelled N-O.

“O spirit, spirit of the coin, please go home.”

Again, it spelled N-O.

The Seniors began to panic. The leader began to have cold sweat and begged the spirit to go home. After many failed attempts, one of the Senior who was watching from behind me – stood up, grabbed the coin from them and threw it out the window.

“Now we can go to sleep.”

According to the beliefs on Ouija Board, if a session was left without sending the spirit home.. the spirit will remain in the room. As we were all scared and creeped out, we ran out of the room and head to our bedrooms hoping that the spirit would go away.

The next morning, everyone was glad that none of us woke up looking like this:

I hope I didn’t scare you away. *teehee*

However later that evening, we were disturbed by a loud scream coming from a Senior’s room. She was standing at the corridor, screaming hysterically while pointing at the lawn.

“I saw it!! Oh my God I saw it!!”

Everyone, including the Warden rushed to her side to calm her down. Later that day, we learned that she saw troops of what looked like Japanese soldiers marching at the lawn. I couldn’t remember what happened to that Senior after, but I remember vaguely she changed into a very quiet person after that day.

The next morning at school, I was told by a school prefect that Mr. Lee Chye Ewe wanted to see me. Mr. Lee is the school’s Head of Disciplinary. My heart beats faster than a bullet train (ok, that was exagerrating. ehehe.. ) Just thinking of that fierce look of Mr. Lee made me wanna cry. Everyone’s afraid of Mr. Lee. He have the look that could make you pee in your pants just hearing him call your name. I kid you not! The short journey to Mr. Lee’s office was no fun at all. I’ve no idea WHY I was called to his office. What if I get a public caning like that boy last week? I will definitely die of shame!

I arrived at Mr. Lee’s room, wondering which Disciplinary code did I break… until I saw the Seniors. All of them who were present that night in that Study Room. (Damnit, they told Mr. Lee my name too!) Mr. Lee placed the Ouija Board on the table, smirked and said:

“Ask your friend what color is the undies I’m wearing now?”

No one dared to touch the board. The Seniors were looking down at the floor, crying maybe? I know I was about to cry..
I couldn’t remember what happened next but I remember well that we were spared of public caning.

After that incident, no one ever mentioned about Ouija Board anymore. I still hangout with the Seniors.. and in fact, I got myself a pet sister. *smiles*

So do I believe in those spirits of Ouija Boards?
I chose to keep it to myself.

Hey, did you know that the girl in that Exorcist movie started having disturbance after she found an Ouija Board?

Well now you know.

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12 thoughts on “Memories Of An Ouija Board

  1. massy

    woo~ i read first half..then i skipped the other half..too creepy to read.

    woo~` gimme the creeps..well i played *uhuk this thing when i was in primary er 4 or 5 like dat…at my fren’s house..but we played in the day time…

    freakie man…

  2. imbi


    Well, we had a session once too and someone asked how olf one of the people there would get, and he got the answer 33.

    Everyone felt very creepy and we ended the session.

    We lost contact after school, but at a certain moment I felt like wanting to see one of them.
    It was the boy… then man, who was told he would die young.

    I couldn’t find him, but finally, after searching all sorts of organisations I found his name and the toen he lived, and immediately I looked up his adres and wrote a letter.

    The day I was going to mail it… he died… at 33.

  3. Melissa

    omg i can’t believe you put Linda Blair’s Exorcist pic on your blog! i was so freaked out so i quickly scrolled down to read the rest of your entry…haha penakut!

    You know, The Exorcist is the ONE movie I still get sleepless nights watching. I really cannot get her demonic face out of my head. Even when Linda Blair, the actress, started appearing in ‘normal’ movies, the sight of her STILL freaks me out!:eek:

  4. cindy Post author

    LOL, did I scare you girls off? :P
    Photos only wat… ehehehehe..

    I love ghost stories actually.. can’t help it but to post one. :shy:

    Imbi, OMG.. now THAT is freaky what happened to that boy!

  5. Ann

    I am glad I read this posting during the day.. if this happened at night I would have gone to bed without even switching off my pc. LOL..

    Cindy.. please don’t do this again (ever). :cry:

  6. jimmy

    he he… i knew thts called ouja board hehe, yep i’ve played it but nothing of the guy who played wit me xctually moving tht coin hehe..and we used chicken blood u know hehe :P

  7. Me, Myself and I

    Dear Cindy,

    Call me coward but I haven’t been able to read the whole post. Actually, I stopped at the *** signs which leads to the beginning of the story.

    I am sorry friend, but I’d shit myself LOL !

    Best regards,


  8. lucy

    i played it once during a camping trip with friends a..using an Ouija Board made out of those buku petak2 we use for…and yes the coin did move and there is no way any of us can move it!…damn creepy becos the spirit also decided not to leave…one of my friends who claimed she have the ‘third eye’ said she saw an old man following around one of the girls who played it….damn creepy! talking abt it makes my hair stand lo….

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