Of News & Chocolate

13th Mar 2007

There’s nothing interesting to read in the papers lately!

That steward who threw a Paris Hilton 3 years ago did it again. This time with a trainee nurse, and apparently the girl is suing him for threatening to distribute their “love” movie. Eew. Why make a home movie when you know very well that someday THAT video is going to end up somewhere.. ESPECIALLY with a guy who did it once with a stewardess that cost both their jobs. If you’re wondering how the steward look like, uhmm…. let’s just say he made Prince Charles looked like Brad Pitt if they were to stand side by side.

The cost of getting an Indonesian maid is still high in Malaysia. Apparently, the maid agencies are asking for payment of RM5,000 out of the supposedly agreed fee of RM2,415. So in short, if you don’t have at least RM6,000 don’t even think of getting one. Mmm.. maybe there’s something good out of this. Perhaps it’s a sign to tell that it’s time for the women of Malaysia to be housewives and earn money from blogging like me. *teehee*

As I lay on my bed, blogging (at this very moment) my mouth are stuffed with chocolate cake and my left hand is holding the cake in balance, and if you’re wondering how I’m typing all this – with my right hand of course!

See how dark and moist the cake is? You’ve no idea the joy in my heart eating this, after days of craving for chocolate cake.. I’m finally eating one! Oh forget diet, I need to feed my soul. And don’t lecture me about lying flat chest on the bed while eating, because I


*gasping for air*

*heavy coughs*


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