Apple, Apple On The Table. Who’s My Lover Of Them All?

25th Apr 2007

When I was 14, most of the girls in my class were already “taken” by a boy (puppy love lah!) so you’d understand why our main topic of discussion during the break would be about boys. You know how it is, being in love with a boy and all you could think of is talk about them day and night – regardless of how boring the story would be, as long as the friend you are talking to doesn’t turn green or passes out.

I remember a girlfriend of mine who talks daily about this boy, how strong their love are, how they have planned a name for their future kids – all this at the age of 14! Of course it sounded so cute at that time that we would go “ahhhhh..” whenever she turned up with new stuff she got from her boyfriend. So I asked her one day:

“Do you think he’ll be THE ONE who’s gonna marry you someday?”

She paused with what looked like she was thinking, then answered, “Positive!”

Out of nowhere, Mei Ling (another girl in our daily gossip group) shouted: “There’s a Chinese way of finding out your future husband, you know!” And of course… all the girls’ eyes opened wide and begged for more information.

“Simple. According to the Chinese belief, all you need is a mirror, candle, apple and a knife.”

“Haaaar??!” replied all of us.

“Shut up, do you wanna know or not?!”

Everyone nodded, me included.

“At 12 midnight, place a mirror on a table. Light a candle on the side of it and make sure you could see yourself in the mirror. Then you start peeling off the apple’s skin slowly — by slowly, I mean NO broken peels. The apple must be peeled off in a go. When you’re done, you would be seeing the reflection of your future husband in the mirror.”

To this point, everyone gawked, followed by a chant of “Waaaahhh…. waaahhhhh..”

..but Mei Ling had to spoil the fun, “HOWEVER — if the skin breaks halfway, your future husband will DIE!”


I don’t know if what Mei Ling said is true. I might be a superstitious person and I was dying to know who my future husband would be at that time – but I’ve never tried it. Not because I was afraid of the dark, but mainly because:

i. We hardly have apples in the refrigerator. My mom prefered grapes.
ii. I don’t have the skill to peel the apple skin without breaking it halfway.
iii. I didn’t want my “future husband” to die. :B

Do you believe in stuff like this, by any chance?

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12 thoughts on “Apple, Apple On The Table. Who’s My Lover Of Them All?

  1. Jewelle

    LOL, isn’t that part of our teenage years urban legends. For me, I think I’ll be too scared in case lain reflections yang keluar…tau lah, kuat imaginations kan…besides like you said, i would be scare to break the skin also

  2. Susanna

    Naah, I don’t believe it. I believe in the Scandinavian (Swedish) Midsummer belief.

    On Midsummer’s Eve, you’ll have to pick 7 different flowers and not speak. You have to put these 7 flowers under your pillow and when you go to bed (which you do immediatly afterwards, you’ll dream of your future husband.

    I did when I was younger and I dreamt of a man – which I believe (today) was my Erik. :)

    Btw, if you haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy – you just HAVE TO! :love:

  3. papajoneh

    I think Cindy tried it and able to see his future husband… the moment the face appeared on the mirror… she just could not believe her eyes… for it was the guy who always kacau her back at school time. The one she really hated very much.

    something like that lah…. :P


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