Gosh It’s Sunday Already

15th Apr 2007

Oh-my-gawd.. guess what time I woke up today? 6:30 PM!!
Well of course, I went to bed at 9:00 AM. :B I was busy working on some stuff that I totally lost track of time, hence the very late sleep.


..I feel so tired, although I just woke up. I think if some lunatic throws a bomb beside me, *touch wood* I wouldn’t bother to move my ass myself at all.. THAT’s how tired I am!

Anyway, quick update about me (if you wanna know lah) yesterday I restock my candy supplies again and this is what I bought:

Not those expensive candies, but fancy looking ones.
p/s sexy or not my leg? *teeheehee*

Other than that, I also made a blog theme for someone but I can’t show the screenshot just yet, until the owner have done so. I’ll let you know when it’s ok to publish it over here. I don’t wanna spoil the surprise for the mentioned blogger.

Hmm.. maybe I should buy more DVDs. I’m running out of shows already. Perhaps Grey’s Anatomy would be good? I haven’t been watching them all…. What would you recommend?

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9 thoughts on “Gosh It’s Sunday Already

  1. cindy Post author

    Haha, yeah. Those are really candies.
    Malaysia have funny looking candies, you know.
    You should see some of the weird packages. LOL! :B

  2. papajoneh

    Hi there fren?
    Im back and gonna disturb u all again. will post whatever happened in the last 4 days.. if not malas lah. i need the kind of sleep like u have yours here.
    and those candy, like what my son really craze for. and those background… hmm, want to comment also cannot..wife behind me. Hahahaha!
    oklah… nice short skirt jeans ;)

  3. Me, Myself and I

    MMMmmmm lol now I am confused! :Y woken up till 9 am and going to bed right after? LOL! it only go to bed at that time if I go partying and come back home late !! :P you crazy girl with crazy schedules :P :P

    Heeeyyy yesss,s u’ve got sexy legs sexy legs hehehe! :B :D

  4. Ann

    Cindy.. the candy girl :love:
    I remember those candies… haha Jennifer is right, they look like birth control
    pills. Btw, going to miss you.. Cindy.. still wondering why the stuff haven’t reach you? even the postcard. Urrghh! Is there something wrong with the post there?? :(


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