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12th Apr 2007

I know this is kinda late, but hey, better late than never.

I watched the movie 300 a fortnight ago but I forgot didn’t have the time to talk about it. What I can say is that… I’m in love :love: .. yes, I think I’m in love. Hmm.. maybe it’s time to ditch my love, Keanu Reeves for the boys men in Spartan. If you ask me to choose, OMG, I can’t! ALL OF THEM look hawt, especially King Leonidas and Astinos. Too bad Astinos died while he was smiling at his father! Grrrrrr… such cruelty to a handsome young man! (Why do the movies ALWAYS seem to have a way of spoiling “it” for girls? Ha? Ha?)

Well, I don’t wanna say more about this movie in case you haven’t watch it. Sorry for telling you that Astinos died tho. Haha! Oh ya, another thing girls..
I hate to break it to you but..

I…was…in…the…movie…romancing…GERALD BUTLER !!!

Don’t believe me?
Here’s a screenshot.


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10 thoughts on “Spartan Woman Blogs

  1. imbi

    I haven’t watched the movies.
    But he’s kind of cute, isn’t he?

    Maybe you should do a screentest and have yourself casted… with him. LOL!

    Have a great day.

    Here it will be relatively hot today.
    They’re talking about summer now.

    The weather never has been as weird as the last year.



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