KL Is So Hot, I Think I’m Going To Melt

8th May 2007

Did anyone noticed how hot it is these days or is it just me?

It was so hot this afternoon that when I went to buy my lunch, I thought I was gonna die under the roof at the eating place. The paying counter was even hotter that I could feel the heat burning me alive! Oh my, I wonder how that cashier lady could stand it being there. I also noticed that everyone at that place was sweating profusely, except for me. :B Well, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t sweat much. Most of the time, I don’t sweat at all. I remember when I was at this aerobics class back in Kota Kinabalu, we had an extreme exercise which resulted everyone soaking wet under their leotard – but me! Even my aerobics instructor was surprised.

Yesterday wasn’t a very good day for me. For starters, I couldn’t get to sleep well which resulted to me going out early for breakfast – which I don’t normally do. I’m not a breakfast person. But since I was awake early, I was surprisingly hungry so I got a plate of Nasi Lemak for myself.

The Nasi Lemak was delicious – especially when combined with the prawns and chicken! However, it was quite pricey. RM5 for that. *sigh* Are there no more cheap things these days? :(

I also had a terrible, terrible headache today. I blame the sun and the heat. No Gucci shades could protect the eyes and no umbrellas could prevent you from wanting to faint from the heat. LOL! I thought I was gonna die from the headache.

So what can I help to reduce this heat? Plant more trees? I’ve done and still am doing my part on that. I’ve been planting plants like I’ve never planted before – but they died on me. Well at least I tried. :B Maybe if I start doing the rain dance, it might rain and lessen the heat. Perhaps I should start by sending an apology to the rain for complaining about them the other day…

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10 thoughts on “KL Is So Hot, I Think I’m Going To Melt

  1. Haizum@Acom

    Firstly, congratulations on Foreign Beauty’s 1st anniversary! (Well, almost…)

    Seconly, I do agree that it’s unusually hot these days. I have to walk 15 minutes to get to the LRT station to go to college. *sigh* I even bought one of those tiny handheld fans to try and cool me when I walk around.

    I guess we’ll just have to deal. :D

  2. massy

    gahhhhhhhhh…the heat..thanks for office aircond and car aircond…though, destroying my skin cells :*(

    wuah new layout oh…nice XD

    as owez

    eeeee nasi lemak..u know sometimes my dad go to KL he’ll tapau nasi lemak omg~ siao man. well as u know nasi lemak there are more than here one :B

  3. Melissa

    no wonder your nasi lemak RM5…Got prawns la! heh heh.

    Aiya now i’m hungry again. I MUST stop visiting your blog right before lunch! :P

    PS: KK also panas. But if hujan, we complain lagi. And you wonder why Mother Nature is pissed.

  4. cindy Post author

    KL Prawn mahal bah. :x

    Yea, I was so pissed yesterday because it was too hot, then early this morning it rained with my clothes still hanging outside!

    Dare not complain already…. :B

  5. imbi

    What a breakfast…wow.
    We eat bread for breakfast here.

    It’s too much for my diabetes, so I eat a kind of gingerbread instead, with a cup of coffee. Works great, and can’t be cheaper.

    If you don’t sweat, why don’t you take a spray with water with you?

    It’s raining here almost al day. Keep your fingers crossed I won’t arrive at my appointment like a wet cat. LOL!

    I missed you too.



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