Where Did Those Money Come From?

26th May 2007

It’s funny how my PayPal account keeps getting incoming funds everyday these days – and I don’t even know who are these people who’s paying me! LOL! I know they’re for my paid postings, but I just don’t know which paid posting!

Guess I’ve been doing too many paid post that I’ve lost track of them all. *giggle* Maybe I should do like what my brother suggested:

Write everything in Excel, keep track of your paid postings.

But I’m too lazy to do that lah. LOL. Aiya, maybe I have to do it lah.. if only I still remember how to work on Excel.. :B

PS: I guess what they say Money does not grow on trees is right.
Money grows on the Internet instead!

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14 thoughts on “Where Did Those Money Come From?

  1. Ann

    Wow! It’s like getting salary everyday for you. Another way of doing it is to use your desk calendar, just put initials (BV or PPP) of the post paid you made base on the date you will get the payment, that is easier and faster.
    Meanwhile, enjoy the incoming money. :D

  2. cindy Post author

    Eh, did you comment on the “More Hair Please” ?
    I noticed there’s 2 comments there, but only 1 comment is viewable. :x

    WordPress gone bonkers!

  3. cindy Post author

    H0RNY: PPP not bad, why don’t you join us there? You can find the link on my sidebar.

    Anyway, this post wasn’t talking about PPP, because I would’ve known if it were payments from PPP. These payments I’m talking about weren’t from them… but some “mysterious” handsome, rich, young Prince from faraway land. :B
    *just kidding*


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