Wow, They Still Have This?

9th May 2007

Remember back in our schooldays where pencil box is a must-have items in our bags?

I was grocery shopping at Carrefour when I stopped by the pencil box section and saw cute little colorful ones, some even comes with a puzzle on the top!

Those pencil box really brings back my schooldays memories when I used to compete with this girl named Noorlinah on who has the prettiest pencil box. I tend to change mine every month, and if that wasn’t enough, my pencil box would always be filled up with colorful pens and cute stickers on the interior. Talk about interior design!

I really miss my school days.. and I wonder where Noorlinah is right now. The last time I heard of her, she got married at a very young age.

More photos of my grocery shopping trip can be found HERE at my new PhotoBlog. :B


p/s OK, maybe school children still uses pencil box for their pencils etc.. but after all these years, I thought someone would come up with a new, modern way of storing these items. Maybe a stick-on-bag for pencils? LOL!

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15 thoughts on “Wow, They Still Have This?

  1. Nastasshea@Nesh

    Hey sexy!! Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Yeah i’m fat! Hehehe!

    Awww those pencil box are filled with memories… I remember I used to own a pencil box with a mini piano player and always play the do re mi song! Hahaha!!

  2. cindy Post author

    Wombat :N: .. this is supposed to be purple!! LOL!

    No lar, we never live in LD.. we were the outstation people.
    You know how St. Dominic have so many outstasi? Hehehe.. we were one of them lar.

    Aww.. I miss Fr. Ambrose & Fr. Nick’s sermon. They used to be the Parish Priest there, kan? :D

  3. anaps/ana

    Nice looking pencil boxes. Our daughter has one but only a plastic one. She likes them but, I agree that they are kind of old fashion, they should come up with a new design or way to store pencils. Anyway, you know quite a few Filipino, wow, that is nice, because you learned some words in our language/s-too many dialects. I can imagine you get confused, I do too, sometimes. Okay, till here for now, kind regards.

  4. Ratu Syura

    I remember I used to have a pencil box with so many buttons.. If you pressed one, a tiny case for an eraser shoots out.. and if you press another, a place to store your pencils shoots out the other end! That was cool! :D


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