Yay! My PayPal Is Restored!

30th May 2007

Last week, I tried to withdraw $500 into my VMI Card only to find an email from PayPal the very next day that my account had been set to Limited Status.

I wanted to cry, but that’s what little girls do. So what did I do?

I faxed them over all the details they wanted. After days of numerous faxing over to US *sigh*.. I finally got this email today:


YAY! I can now withdraw an unlimited amount of money from PayPal.
Huzzah Cindy!!! :D

PS: Thank you, PayPal.. for finally giving an end to my faxing over nightmare.

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15 thoughts on “Yay! My PayPal Is Restored!

  1. Steven Wong

    Hi Cindy,

    Saw your post from giuk.net. Yeah, indeed a lot of Malaysians have nightmare when come to Withdraw Paypal fund. The latest rule is you must have an US Bank account or else you can’t accept the payment…

    It is quite sad to hear that … a lot of new Malaysians internetprenuer to be can’t accept payment until they get their US Bank account.

    Don’t know when this thing will be over … pray hard pray hard.

  2. Kay Kastum

    So..if I plan to withdraw a bigger amount in future, by sending them all the necessary documents earlier, will that give you permission to withdraw bigger amounts? (was that confusing..?) :B

  3. Julian

    Hmm based on my observation, looks like withdrawal above $300 may risk ur account to be set to limited access. So far I transfered less than US100 thus havent got such problem. However I am prepared to fax any documents over… semua sedia sudah tu…heheheh


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