Porridge For A Sick Girl

23rd Jun 2007


My stomach hurts really bad today due to gastric. I basically spent the whole day trying not to die puke myself to death. Yes, I mentioned vomitting but I never mentioned headache or cravings of sour foods so I am NOT pregnant.

At times like this, solid food made the pain worse, so I had to resort to … eating porridge.

Sorry, picture a bit blurry. My hands were shaky.. I’m not feeling well lah.

I had “SRP” porridge at the Nibong Tebal Restaurant for dinner. Please don’t ask me what “SRP” stands for. I only remembered that “P” stands for “Peanut” – there were peanuts in the porridge.. so I just knew. It must be it! The time is only 11:57 PM right now, and already… I’m feeling hungry again. Grrrrr.. that’s the one thing I hate about eating porridge. They make me go hungry fast!

OK once again, I do not plan to complain about it. I’m going to look at it in a positive way.

I might lose weight from this.


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12 thoughts on “Porridge For A Sick Girl

  1. imbi


    I hope you feel better now.

    I don’t like porridge…ugh…

    Here they say you’d better eat cooked rice and scraped apple when you’re stomach is upset.


  2. Wombat

    If you have an upset stomach, do not have fried shallots in your porridge. I see the bowl’s full of it.

    Best chicken porridge ever for an upset stomach :

    Put chicken meat and chicken bones and cook together with rice until become porridge. Add a bit of ginger slices. Cook further. Then add one Knorr’s chicken stock cube. Serve in huge bowl. Add a dab of sesame oil.

    Best chicken porridge in the world.

    (Note : Do not spoil its taste by adding other things other than those mentioned above.)


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