When My Friend Decided To Blog :P

9th Jun 2007

I am here to promote her!

Introducing, my long time pal, my IRC friend, my Chatroom friend, now my Blogging friend too, the lovely, beautiful Shana. Eh, I can’t post her photo over here without her permission lah, so if you wanna see how beautiful she is, you have to visit her blog and make friends with her. :P

If you could please spare some time, please do visit her and make her feel welcome in the world of Blogging. :D You can visit her new blog HERE.

She also have another blog where you can view lots of photos of her collections. What collections you might ask? Just visit and you’ll know! Here’s the LINK.

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4 thoughts on “When My Friend Decided To Blog :P

  1. papajoneh

    alamak… dahlah ndak dapat minum sana Kay, sini pula saya salah taip tu “kadazan” word. And I lost every words I commented.
    But guess what, Now i got to drink the local “lihing” yahooo…. thanks. yummy. LOL :P

    Oh ya, Say welcome to the beautiful Shana. :)


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