17 thoughts on “*Yawn*

  1. Judith

    Nice to visit your blog. Woww!!! Cindy it’s a beautiful taken yummy food..ooo make me bliur and perut bekroncong la…unlucky for me I can’t get it in Kunak…Ooo yummy!yummy!

  2. cindy Post author

    Lorna: *giggle*

    Judith: WAHHHH.. Judith! How did you find your way here? :D So happy me! How are you? Long time no see!!

    Kay: LOL!

    Gallivanter: Uhm, actually not that bad. The sauce was quite nice.

    Jewelle: Actually, I only managed to eat half the waffle. :B

  3. papajoneh

    cooollll… now here “tapai” while at Kay “Lihing” .. man, now im drunk.. again :P

    girl, u make me really hungry watching this at 148pm from the office can’t get out for lunch. aduhhhh..sakitnye perut. :*(

  4. cindy Post author

    Saifulrizan: NOOOOO! NoooOOooOOoOOo!! Lapar bah, can’t help it. LOL!

    Ann: Actually I haven’t eaten A&W for ages too. But I found out they have this 24hrs restaurant, so I try lah. :B

  5. Judith

    I’m fine…mcam dulu juga but now looked older alrdy..keh..keh..keh.. coz tension evryday gaduh2 with my 6 gurangak…i always visit kastum’s website & your blog actually..I’m silent reader kono..but only that day i’ve a freetime to comment..i reaally enjoyed reading all what hv u shared in your blog..so how about u? u must be slimmed & sexy ah?


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