Is Having Hair Really Necessary? (For Men)

15th Jul 2007

chat.jpgA few days ago, I received an invitation from someone on my YM wanting me to add him as my “Friend”. Turned out it was an old friend of mine in Kota Kinabalu. Being the chatty girl I am, I bombarded him with questions, especially personal ones.

“So how lah, still single ar?”

“Like this loh… nobody wants me.”

“You’re being too picky issit? Just anyhow pick girls that showed interest lah. You’re getting older you know!”

“Wah, you think so easy to just pick ah. So easy like that, I would’ve been married already loh..”

***** Awkward silence *****

Then I gave him the ultimatum.

“How’s your hair? Grew a lot lately?”

“Honestly, I think I’m going totally bald before I hit 40!”

Hohohohohohoho!! When it comes to the “bald” topic, he could really make me laugh. This friend of mine, he have this funny but cute face. His face is as round as a ball, so you could understand why I think it’s funny if he really turned out bald before the age of 40. And NOT MARRIED. LOL!

Is it really that bad going bald at a young age? If those so-called hair treatments from the salons doesn’t work, there’s always an option for a Hair Transplant wat.. I’ve no idea how much it would cost or whether it is painful to go through one, but at least you could “grow” hair once again!

Honestly, some men look sexier with bald head. I can’t imagine Lex Luther or Chris Daughtry with hair – it would really make them look funny, I guess. So guys, stop fretting about losing your hair. Perhaps it’s time to embrace your fate.

bald.jpgHowever, I found a solution for you men that’s losing the top part of the hair. You know, you can always grow your side hair longer.. like maybe the RIGHT side. And when it’s long enough, you can always comb those hair all the way to the LEFT side. WALAAAAAA! (Refer image to the left for sample)Top part of the head is covered!!!!

Eh, I should suggest this to my friend too. Might have a good laugh again later…

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10 thoughts on “Is Having Hair Really Necessary? (For Men)

  1. carolchs

    ya…agree, some men do look good without hair…provided that they kasih botak licin lah..if alang2 botak…well, thats a turn off…at least for me…hehe

    hahaha…ur suggestion on growing hair just on the side and combing them up to cover the top head… reminds me of that Minister of ‘Road’…excessive belah siring…hehehe….

  2. Nessa

    Bruce Willis with hair is just not right :B Must have the right shape if men wants to go bald. My bro-in-law is bald but his head got bumps and depressions… weird :x

  3. Wombat

    I started losing my hair when I was 24, and today I am already half bald at 44. I don’t lose sleep over it cos I have accepted this fact 10 years ago so hair tonic sales people will have no income from me. And it actually felt better.

    How the Wombat’s head look like? Think Rafa Benetez and Phil Collins.

  4. Me, Myself and I

    lol I think I can really give away my opinion on here considering I have always had a bald daddy and I have a bald boyfriend :P

    My daddy didn’t mind it at all, but it was time ago and men weren’t as vain as they are now and didn’t care about their imagine as they do know. The Melon told me he really cared at the beginning and he even tried some products to make his hair not to fall ! but they didn’t help and he ended up assuming it :)

    Oh! and that hairdo you suggest… NO WAY! I mean, it is quite tacky :N:

  5. Gallivanter

    Well, I’m guessing I’d be one of those naturally bald when I touch 40, but, after having listened to my best friend’s suggestion in 2005, I’ve never looked back since. Botak all the way! :-)


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