I’ve Got A Cute Ad On My Blog!

7th Aug 2007

If you scroll waaaaaaaay down in this blog, you’ll notice this cute ad from Nuffnang:


Of course, I added the word “Awwww” myself. :p

Don’t you think the ad is super cute?!! Added with the PINK background on the back, it made the ad look SUPER CUTE! Heeheehee. I know, I know, I’m exaggerating. But I just LOVE the picture of the kittens. They’re so cute, I wanna squeeze them! Eh but cannot lah.. SPCA might come and sue me. >.< If you click on the ad, it'll bring you to the SPCA website. Help save our animals, people. CLICK on the ad please.

Not only you’ll know more about SPCA and help the animals, you’ll also be helping me increase my income for my candy fund. *heehee* So click lah, ok? :B

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