Quick Update

19th Aug 2007

I did my round of blog hop not too long ago, and I stopped by Ammu’s blog. To my surprise, she posted about the recent robbery that happened in her home!

robber.jpgJust a few days ago, I read in the papers about an armed robbery that happened in Shah Alam where the robbers managed to force themselves into a family home, smashed the car and house windows, hit the women in the house and robbed their jewelleries! I remember telling this news to my friends and reminded them to always, ALWAYS lock their house doors no matter what.

You can read Ammu’s post about the robbery here.

To all my friends (readers) out there, please, PLEASE keep yourself safe. LOCK your doors all the time!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. swordie

    not only lock the house you know… once inside car, lock the door immediately, make it a habbit… who know, suddenly got people join you for your ride… or when you stop, someone jump into your car and want to borrow it… ??? worse, want to be intimate fren fren with you… by force or no force… yaik… :(

  2. ben

    I’ve been thinking about this issue: what if they target the weakest part of your house i.e. make a hole on the roof?

    Regarding the car, what if they bang your car on purpose – then when you get out to check out the damage, 1 of them go near your driver’s side and the other one pull out a knife or even worse a gun?

  3. cindy Post author

    Me, Myself and I : Yes, it’s very important to lock the door at all time, especially when you’re alone at home. But in your case, sweetie.. get Melon to accompany you! :B

    swordie : Ohhh.. I make it a habit to lock my car at all time!

    ben : Hole on the roof? Err.. in that case, hire a bodyguard maybe. :x


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