Along Came Cindy

28th Sep 2007


If this blog is suddenly bombarded with lots of sponsored, I’m sorry. Please bear with me. I’m just trying to catch up with all the bulking assignments of sponsored posts that I have yet to do. Some of those assignments are actually going to expire soon! So don’t mind me posting those ya? Besides, you can just skip those posts if you don’t wanna read them. :B

laptop.jpgOn the other hand, I haven’t been able to blog or blog hop lately.. I’ve been busy with some stuff over here. I’ve also been spending a lot of times reading books these days. You know, instead of reading fashion magazines (which I should, to keep myself up-to-date with the latest makeup) I’ve been reading cake decorating books! Last Monday, I went ahead and spent over RM230 on cake decorating stuff alone – How To books and cake decorating utensils. It’s crazy!! I don’t know how long I’m gonna be obsessed with this cake decorating thingy, but I do hope that I could make beautiful cakes out of it soon. LOL!

By the way, a friend of mine just bought a new home and he asked my opinion on how to decorate his new home. Cool, eh? At least someone appreciates the “creativity” in me. Hahaha! He specifically told me that he wanted a “Modern Look”, but he also told me that he’s not ready to spend too much on it. So.. “Modern but Affordable Look” is the keyword. Guess I’ll be busying myself with interior design ideas again tonight. Ugh, wish I have a place of my own where I can decorate the whole place with my own ideas without having anyone complaining about it. Well, if I have the money, I would migrate and buy a new home and pimp it! Woohooo!

Anyway, I gotta go. Time for my workout.

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8 thoughts on “Along Came Cindy

  1. Shemah

    It’s okay cindy… looks like Syura is also in the same “dilemma” of expired paid postings too!

    Anyways, good luck with the cake deco! My friend is also taking cake deco classes. But haven’t seen any of her creations just yet! But I bet you’ll be hebat! If you can draw amazing things with a mouse, what more with those icing thingies! :D

  2. Papa43Boys

    Hahaha, you take the words out of my poor mouth. Catch up! catch up! Got lot of them waiting, some of them expired :B

    I need them most now. Beli susu :P So I also hope friends will continue to come to our blog, just a hello will do and an encouragement on the comment appreciated.

    So you go girl :yes:

  3. azrin

    Haa haa…
    reminds me ..I had 42 jobs to do on just one network, waiting for me to complete just cuz I was overseas and had no proper internet connection to complete those assignments. And which reminds me… the UAE has HOPELESS INTERNET CONNECTIONS!

    Catch up…but don’t forget to pay yr taxes and dues.. for the Tithes makes your earnings grow more.. more charitable!

    Best Regards

    Azrin @


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