Calling Home For The Holidays

30th Oct 2007

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for over a year now, you’d probably remember the time when I missed the flight that would bring me back home for Christmas with my family.. Yep, poor Cindy missed her flight and sobbed like crazy at the airport. And since it was during the peak month, there wasn’t any flight available for the next two weeks or so.

And how did I celebrate my Christmas?

Sobbed alone in the bedroom eating salmon temaki while creating another brand new blog theme for Foreign Beauty. hehe..

thanksgivingturkey.jpgThis year, I do not plan to celebrate Christmas alone. I’m determined to celebrate Christmas with my family this year! But to those of you who wouldn’t or couldn’t celebrate Christmas with your family or loved ones this year, don’t fret. You can always celebrate and communicate with them through the phone: and cheaper calling rate too! Get International calling cards and cheap prepaid phone card from Now offering a cheap International calling cards and phone cards; this is one opportunity you shouldn’t miss – especially if your loved ones are overseas. And with the coming Halloween and Thanksgiving celebration, take the opportunity to grab their latest Halloween Sale which is on till November 1st. The more you spend, the more discounts you get.

Cheap and affordable, calling home has never been cheaper.

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2 thoughts on “Calling Home For The Holidays

  1. Acom

    Well, I can relate to wanting to talk to family all the time. =D

    We even signed up for one of those group plans offered by a local telco company that offers free talk time for those within the group. =D We have to convince my brother to change telcos though. He says his number is too “popular” already, so he doesn’t want the hassle of telling everybody he’s changed his number. -_-

  2. carolchs

    One of your post earlier on mentioned that u havent been back for two years. i wanna ask u why already but this entry explains it all. Aiyoh…that was sad lah Cindy. Missed flight to get home for the Christmas. Hehehe…did u run to catch the flight???


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