Got My Table Lamp!

15th Oct 2007

Weeheee.. I finally got myself a table lamp. No, it wasn’t from the ones I saw on eBay. I got it from Lovely Lace when I was at MidValley earlier today. Cheaper too. Only RM129.90. (They gave me a 10% discount too!)

Please ignore the teddy bear. That’s “Dodot”, my traveling best friend.
He just wants to be in the picture. :-P

As usual, I spent over an hour there, browsing through their beautiful table lamps, curtains, stuffed animals, hatbox etc. I seriously can stay there for 3 hours just browsing! OK, just choosing for a table lamp took me about 40 minutes.. Even the Indian guy who came in after me took only 5 minutes to buy a pot of decorative roses. :-P

Overall, I spent a total of RM224.80 at Lovely Lace today. Bought a few gifts for my family too (but I can’t show them here, since it’s supposed to be a gift – a surprise). Do I feel guilty for spending that much? Well, not really. I am more concerned on how much I am going to pay for my excessive luggage weight at the airport when I go back to Sabah next month! :*(

PS: More post of my new table lamp at my personal blog.

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8 thoughts on “Got My Table Lamp!

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  2. Me, Myself and I

    Oh I know… you start looking, searching, checking and…. voilá! times runs out….

    It happened to us when we decided to buy a bed lol

    Cindy: LOL you never show us your new bed!! I might be inspired to buy a new one too.. :B

  3. swordie

    emmm…. emmm… wat should i say aaa… emmm… cindy… the lamp looks like nenek kebayan lah…

    Cindy: Oiee… aku nangis ni! :B You men have no taste in women’s stuff at all. Ahahahahha!

  4. swordie

    don’t lah… i got scared bah when i see that lamp… it just that… eiiiyeee… don’t want to say lah… nanti u cry cry some more… and now i feel like your anti-spam word… ‘gobuk’… :*(

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