Moment Like This, Some People Wait A Lifetime

23rd Oct 2007

Oooo have you heard about my cousin, Nelson? He will be on 8TV!!!

I don’t have all the info yet, but his brother, Adrian told my brother, Kay that he was on 8TV. The series will only be on air on Dec 1st 2007 at 11pm.

Click on the video to see what my baby cousin had to say.
Support-support lah family sia bah, ok? :B

PS: Nelson, besok-besok dah pemes, do remember to mention my name, ok? LOL! :-P

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11 thoughts on “Moment Like This, Some People Wait A Lifetime

  1. Acom


    I’m telling you, Sabahans are taking over! We’re everywhere! You’d be hardpressed to turn on the tv without seeing a familiar face from back home!

    Good luck to your cousin!

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