Eating, And Proud Of It!

26th Nov 2007

So I ditched my diet again today. Went to Plaza Damas in the hope of finding a bookstore: which happened to be none. Not to waste my visit there, I head to Penang Village for dinner.


I sat on the sofa outside. Oooh comfy, comfy.. but the table was slightly higher than the standard ones. Probably because the sofa was too low and I am too short. A note of advice: If you’re planning to have a meal there, do take those chairs instead of the sofas. They’re too low. Trust me.

I ordered Penang assam laksa, watermelon juice and sago gula Melaka (again). Hehehe. While waiting for my food to arrive, I managed to take a few shots of the diner.




My favorite was of course, the Christmas tree!! It’s so beautiful, I wanted to hug it! :-P I can’t believe how people can make their Christmas tree look as beautiful as that when I can’t.. Eee.. must buy books on Christmas tree decoration ideas.

And before I could take more photos, my food arrives.


Woohoo! Looks yummy and sinful, eh? I love the sago gula Melaka most. The Penang assam laksa was too sour for me, my gastric hurts. Wish my brother was here so the food wouldn’t go to waste.

Wanna join me for my next outing? :-P

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19 thoughts on “Eating, And Proud Of It!

  1. swordie

    wadadaahhh… so cozy and peaceful… I think the sofa and table is not for eating lah cindy… but for surfing with your notebook… LOL

    I like my food sour… not the bad ‘sour’, but lemon sour… like ‘limau nipis’ aka ‘kohopis’… or ‘kasturi’… when i eat maggi i put loads of them :P And if at ‘kadai’, I will ask for extra ‘kasturi’… sometimes 4 – 5 biji… till the ‘tukang serve’ pun looking at me one kind only… sia bayar mah… LOL

    Cindy: LOL, wish I could do the same – ask for more kasturi. :-P But I cannot lah makan asam-asam ni.. ada grastrik bah.

  2. zaini

    i wan i wan…koh koh..look very sedap lah that ..especially when u have weird spoon design as ‘eating tools’ which resembles as ‘tabaga’ keh keh..u know? the smoking pipe yg orang tua² biasa isap tue :P

    haunted kah tht place? macam teda orang ja…

    Cindy: Ya bah, the spoon kinda looked like “tabaga” kan? In fact, I was complaining about the spoon too while eating. The shape a bit weird, which makes it a bit hard for me to eat. Hahaha…

  3. Nessa

    Eh, betul la cakap Zaini… the spoon looks like a smoking pipe! :yes:

    Terror la dia punya decor, doesn’t look like a village… the place is called ‘Penang Village’ ya.

    The tip to decorating Christmas tree is to have a theme… don’t use too many colours and mismatched ornaments. Konon expert la ni :B

    Cindy: Yeah, it’s called “Penang village” .. but it looks more like “Penang City”. Hahaha.

    Ooo, so you’re an expert on Christmas decorations lah dis? Best! Boleh lah consult from you this.. kekeke~

  4. marmalade

    like i said b4, don diet lar…hehehe……but the place look like a bar..em…..mcm gelap bah dat… :B
    and i love the christmas tree!!!! :D

    -santa claus is coming to town!!

    Cindy: Ya, the place gelap-gelap punya.. romantic also lah. :-P

  5. Nick Phillips

    I know what you mean about those sofa’s. I’ve sat on some so low (or maybe the table was too high) that my chin was practically resting on the table … LOL!

    And the food looks yummy …

    Cindy: Ooohh.. good to know I’m not the only one who have gone through that. Hahaha!

    Yeah, the food taste yummy, especially the sago gula Melaka! :-P

  6. LadyJava

    Hi Cindy..

    It’s been a while since I last visited… but hey what happened to the sexy theme?? lol..

    Cindy: Hi LadyJava! Nice to see you again!

    Sexy lady had gone for a holiday. She might be back next year.. LOL

  7. earthy emily

    Yeah, ditch the diet la. Go for portion control instead. Anyway, I looove to eat at that diner. The ambience is super cool. How’s the price range?

    Cindy: Price range quite ok. I think the asam laksa was about RM12, sago gula Melaka RM5.60 and watermelon juice RM6.50.

    Is that expensive???

  8. ann

    This restaurant is beautiful and cozy, macam bukan restaurant ja! Macam karaoke lounge! But a like that for sure every food tastes delicious! LOL
    Kobiis sia nampak the assam laksa!


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