23rd Jan 2008

Woke up pretty early today and I thought I’d do some cleaning in the bathroom. Dirty linens in the washing machine, scrubbed the toilet bowl, the sink, wiped the shower door.. swept the floor.. phew, kinda tiring, mind you! I also noticed that as I sweep the floor, pile of hairs started to ball up. LOL. Oh dear, I’m losing hair! Hahahaha! It kinda worries me seeing that much of hair on the floor, I googled cause of hair loss in women. Hmm.. loads of information I found. What you do, what you eat.. everything plays a part in causing hair loss in women! However, I’m glad to say that losing 100 strands of hair per day is NORMAL.

Phew. I think I lose at least 90 strands of hair per day. Estimate lah! LOL. I dare not count the amount of hair I lost in the bathroom everything.. the result might scare me to death. I can’t imagine being bald. No more salon visits. Can you imagine yourself being bald?


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8 thoughts on “Eh?

  1. Me, Myself and I

    yeah, it is pretty normal but it might be symptom of stress :( coz I was like you and asked my hairdresser about it and said that if I see no so many hairs falling but in a continuous period of time, it might be stress. Argh!

    Cindy: Hmm.. must be the stress of trying to lose weight, hence the loss of my hair. Arghh!!!!! Scary!!

  2. Ratu Syura

    sama la kita.. but recently since i rajin sikit makan protein, byk jugak new hair tumbuh.. at least today you had a great exercise spring cleaning! hehe..

    Cindy: Oh samalah. I have loads of new hair growing up too, but the thing is, banyak yang tumbuh di depan. Sudah lah pendek-pendek, halus lagi.. macam baby hair. :-(

  3. shana

    sama bah pula kita ni cindy….sia pun gugur sajaaa rambut ni…kalau 100 strands everyday pun end up botak juga ni …halalala…habislah sia terpaksa survey cari wig..eheheh

    Cindy: Come to think of it, pakai wig ni ok juga oh. You get to change hairstyle as often as you want without having to spend money on salon. Hahahah!

  4. Acom


    Knowing that you’ve been spring cleaning.. makes me think that I should be doing the same thing. My bedroom is a mess! *chuckle* And I’m pretty sure almost every loses 1 or 2 (hundred ha ha) strands of hair everyday. :B

    Cindy: Mine would be “summer” cleaning. KL is so hot these days!!!!


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