Weekend Blahs

2nd Feb 2008

If you’re in KL, you’ll know how funny the weather has been today. It was sunny in the morning and rained heavily by noon. Thank goodness I didn’t do my laundry or the weather INSIDE my apartment would turn gloomy. So what to do on a rainy day like this? Stay indoor and wish you have lots of money to buy all the things you want.

Like maybe loads of colorful pens.


I snagged the photo from PensRUs. They have quite a huge collection of pens: colorful pens, logo pens, fine pens.. just PENS! They have so many, I wish I have all the money to buy every single colors they have. At least with THAT many pens, I wouldn’t end up having a scribble as ugly as this:


Anyway.. enough ranting, I’m off to watch Bionic Woman. I’m currently up till Episode 4 and would love to watch the rest of it till tonight. Armed with a box of sushi and HL milk, I think I’m set!

I really dig her hair.. *teehee*

Jaime: Who are you?

Sarah: I’m the first bionic woman. TA-DA!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Blahs

  1. Acom

    I haven’t really caught up with the whole Bionic Woman thing. Think I’d like it Cin?

    Cindy: Hmm.. I don’t know, Acom.. You probably should watch a serie or two to decide. :-P

  2. carolchs

    you’re working on new theme again cindy? the illustration looks nice even if it still raw.

    Cindy: I’m not working on another theme for myself, if that’s what you mean. :-) Why, thank you for the compliment. That design actually just went into the bin.. :-(

  3. Ratu Syura

    best ka bionic woman?? better than gossip girl?? hehe.. i used to watch bionic woman in the 80’s.. hehehe.. dulu2 best la.. the days before the existence of desperate housewives, grey’s or gg! haha..

  4. Shemah

    :love: I absolutely LOVE your new theme Cindy!! I totally ADORE it!! And I can’t imagine your theme sketch design thingy winding up in the bin! That was a pretty good one..

    Anyways, if I start watching a new series, I’d better not sleep at all. LOL!


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