Oh Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand

31st Mar 2008

No, I did not kill any babies. Those are hand soaps, literally. You can buy them if you want to. Apparently, the seller has stocks of it the last time I checked.

The idea is cute, but disturbing. Imagine going to the bathroom in the middle of the night with the lights off then you lost your balance. Tried to grab a hold on something and you got one of the mini hand instead!


Small Talk: Alternatively, you can check out the Schlage. They’re pretty much NOT scary!

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15 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand

  1. Me, Myself and I

    Gosh, it is kinda… morbid, isnt it? :x I wouldn’t ut it in my bathroom at least I wish to kill someone hahaha but it is an original idea, though ;)

    Hahaha, I wouldn’t either. But I think it makes a great gift for the ex… LOL! LOL!

  2. Nessa

    Cute baby hands… but definitely not for the faint hearted… like me!

    I wouldn’t really call myself a faint-hearted, but I wouldn’t want those soaps in my bathroom or anywhere in the house!

  3. kaDusMama

    so cute!! But i won’t dare to keep it for myself oh..Manatau tiba2 tu tangan menggaru kaki sia yang tidak gatal! Arghhhh…scary!!

    Hahahahaha! Cute bah tu! You can use it to scratch your back yang normally your hand couldn’t reach punya area. LOL! LOL!

  4. Erin

    those are kind of creepy. they look like doll hands.

    They ARE creepy! LOL! I read from the seller’s description that it was created out of doll hands molds. :-P

  5. Haizum@Acom

    Gosh, not a good thing to see when you’re disoriented from sleep. Even awake they’d be freaky. Imagine rubbing those in between your hands to lather… *shudders*

    Hahaha, just the thought of it gives me a chill!

  6. Ratu Syura

    i think they look pretty cute! i wouldn’t mind buying them! does that make me sadistic? haha.. but i know buddy would NOT DARE to even come close to that! susah la si shemah mau kasi mandi dia! haha..

    Hahahaha, poor Buddy would be screaming in the bathtub!

  7. sweetiepie

    yeeee!so cute and look so real.I don’t think i would use the handsoap.Ha!it’s really a great gift for baby shower.Don’t you think so?:)

  8. Shemah

    hahahahaaha.. yeahhh.. buddy would so freak out. Kasi mandi him now pun susah.. apa lagi with soap like that. Nanti he’ll think I cut off Allie’s hand. He’ll be sooooo traumatised.

    It’s sorta cute and cool.. but slightly freaky. LOL!


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