26th Apr 2008

So I got an email from Aussino last night, announcing their latest bedding collection. Being a shoppaholic that I am, I immediately went to their website.

POOF! A beautiful English bedding set caught my eye:

Rutherford, the latest addition for their Royal Symphony collection

It’s beeeeeeautiful!!! It reminds me so much of Rachel Ashwell’s Lavender Jewel Collection that I plan to buy next month. So sweet and English-y. I MUST HAVE THAT! I told myself.

So off I went to Aussino today – it so happened today was some sort of Aussino member’s day where only the members of Aussino could make their way inside their outlet. What a bonus! And they were having this crazy SALE as well! With the word “Rutherford” planted on my brain, I made my way to the Royal Symphony section in hopes of finding her.. but to my disappointment, they DO NOT have that set yet!! BOOHOO! Shame, shame on you Aussino Ikano!!

Heartbroken that I was, I decided to buy some Aussino stuff just to make myself happy. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and I’m finally done.

And just how “little” stuff did I pick?

Like 4 bags of them..

It was too heavy, even the paper bags’ handle broke – BOTH of the paper bags
(while I was walking around Ikano! wtf?!)

And the amount spent?

RM609.85 worth of cold, hard cash. T_T

Oh yeah… retail therapy alright. More pictures here.
A word of advice tho – – NEVER shop on a broken heart!

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