So I Took A Short Break

29th Apr 2008

Not that many of you would notice, but I took a short break from blogging and blog hop for a few days last week.

Reason being: Wrist pain.

Yep, I suffered wrist pain (a.k.a. ergonomics injury) Gawd it was painful, I couldn’t get to sleep. Did you know that people who spend a lot of time keyboarding (or in my case, mousing experience wrist pain?)

From my personal experience, this would be the second time I suffer from such pain and boy, I can tell you.. you wouldn’t like the feel! (well of course, who likes pain, huh?) But anyway, I managed to tweak my blog a bit, changing the header and such. I got pretty bored with the previous layout which lacked of a girl illo *hee* – it feels weird not having one on my blog. Hope you’ll like the new look! :-)

Also, I ditched the diet today and fed myself with OldTown Kopitiam’s food.

Nasi lemak – the sambal was DELISH! (not too spicy)

The French toast wasn’t that bad too!

Geez, now that I’m posting pictures of food.. I’m hungry once again. ¬¬

Managed to complete a custom blog header last weekend too.

View the larger size at Annie‘s blog. :-)

Gotta stop now before my wrist starts to hurt again. Time for supper! :B

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17 thoughts on “So I Took A Short Break

  1. Joe Kadau

    wooow… your blog look very appetite. My small doggy inside my stomach start to grumble…..@#$%^&..yummy…yummy

    Oh Mr. Joe, long time no see/hear/blog hop! Where have you been la? I thought I’m the only one who went missing (for a while).

    Sila-sila lah jemput e-makan anything you like. LOL!

  2. Ratu Syura

    Eeee… i like your new look! :D The girl is so sassy! with her big sunglasses and side parted hair! ngam lagi tu your nuffnang ad with your theme! hehe..

    Btw, I love Oldtown punya nasi lemak! Nasib baik there’s one here in Cyber!

    You like it? Yay!! Glad to know that!! :-)

    Ya bah, the nasi lemak not bad kan?

  3. chegu carol

    I was opening a few sites at a go and when i finally your blog finally loaded up, terkezut sia seketika…eh? sepa punya blog lagi cindy bikin ni? Cantik! i thought…then i read the header…Forever Tulip. Eh! Cindy punya lah ni!!!

    The short hair girl…i am imagining u cut your hair lah Cin :)

    Hahaha.. in fact, I am thinking of cutting my hair short la. Cannot stand long hair! But then again, I promised someone that I’m gonna keep my hair long for a while..

    Cantik ka my new layout? Hehehehe.. *blush*

  4. Nick Phillips

    Wow, cool new header, the illo of the girl looks like one of those old time chegu … LOL! Nice though …

    You know Cindy, Since Sunday wifey and me have gone on a diet and have eaten nothing and I mean nothing but salads for two days now and I come here and tengok gambar nasi lemak lagi. ARRGGHHHHH!!!!! LOL!

    I’m a rice person and not having rice for 2 whole days is playing havoc with my system … rice, I need rice … LOL! Aiyooo, that french toast lagi … sigghhhh …

    Ya bah, the girl illo looks like those days punya teacher kan? Hahaha!

    Oh I’m a rice person too, Nick. In fact, my partner called me “fan thong” (rice pot) for not being able to live a day without rice. No rice = moody cindy. LOL!

    Hope you’ll managed to go through your diet. I know I need it too!

  5. kaDusMama

    WAH!!!! Seeing delicious Nasi Lemak di awal pagi nie..tsk tsk tsk..sedapnya!!

    By the way..nice and sexy new layout you have!! mau kasi FEWITTTTT dulu! hehee

    Heehee.. sorry lah kasi lapar you awal pagi. Anyway, the girl said FEWITTTTT back! :B

  6. Nessa

    Yay! New look, new theme :D I was wondering when you were gonna change your header… I noticed you used the new fonts you bought ;)

    Oh, nasi lemakkk, my favorite :love: Sia pun mau gi tapau la ni for dinner…

    Hahaha, ya bah, cannot tahan seeing the header without a girl on it. Oh yeah I used the new font! *hee*

    Bah, tapau, jangan tak tapau! :-P

  7. Joe kadau

    I’m quite busy with my work recently… It just like “now you see, Now you don’t”. I still figure our how to design a nice website like yours. Ajarlah! kesian kami orang.

    Ya bah, kau ni macam biskut bah. Hmm.. teach? I don’t even know where to start. LOL.

  8. Jenny

    It’s nearly time for my mid-afternoon snack. I’m getting hungry from the pictures in your post. :)

    Hehehe, sorry for making you hungry. Hope you’ll have something yummy for snack!

  9. Queen Bee

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all??? “Queen Bee lah sapa lagi” :D Tapi the nasi lemak really makes me hungry.

    Shh.. back to work, stop playing with the mirror! Hahaha.

  10. edna

    since everyone talked about the nasi lemak, i will talk about your ergonomics problem. hubby is on safety so he teaches on this. u gotta really be careful on that cos it can be permanent. try to move your whole hand not only your wrist while using ur mouse. that’s where the pain develops.
    anyways great layout once again.

    Thanks for the tips, Edna. I will try to move my whole hand from now onwards.. although sometimes I tend to forget. :-P But it’s so sweet of you to actually notice my wrist pain talk. :-)

  11. shana

    nasi lemak tu sungguh tempting sekaliiiiiiii….laparnya gueeee….minta nasi lemaknya mbak cinddddyyyyyy

    ZOMG Shana.. is that really you??! Where have you been la?!!


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