Wear A Sweater Before You Go Out

12th Apr 2008

I was sitting at the mamak stall one night for my usual supper outing with my friends. Along came a family of 5: the father, the mother and their 3 little kids. All dressed like they were heading for a picnic at the beach. Daddy wore a tee with a pair of ugly shorts (lime green with yellow stripes on the sides), Mommy was on a loose tee with a much better looking shorts while the 3 kids were dressed in singlets and short pants. (Thank goodness there wasn’t any vacuum cleaners on sight) hahaha!

The time was 2:20 AM.

Now, I’m not a mother yet (but I do own a dog that I treat like my daughter. I scold her, smack her.. eh.. that’s another different story) but back in the 80s, my mother made sure that we (the kids) ALWAYS had our sweaters on whenever we step outside the house, especially at night. This, I was told, was to prevent us from masuk angin (catching a cold). Probably to avoid the mists too..

So, either you or your kids wear sweaters at night?

Because I don’t.. (only because I thought my immune systems are much stronger now) But my future kids WILL! And I’m gonna make sure they have something prettier than this:


* Image snagged from here

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11 thoughts on “Wear A Sweater Before You Go Out

  1. saifulrizan

    Hi Cindy,

    You will receive a letter from SPCA soon because

    “but I do own a dog that I treat like my daughter. I scold her, smack her”


    Oops! Shhh…. not like I smack her hard. :-P

  2. Shemah

    Cin, what’s bolitolok? hehehe.. and gobulan?

    Anyways, back to the topic at hand, say if my kids were still awake at 2.20 am, and we were all hungry with nothing to eat at home, I think I’ll just ask hubby to go and tapau the food home. But that’s just me lahhh..

    And if we MUST go out, then Buddy must be in long pants and his trusty jacket, if not his hoodie. Again, that’s just me lah. Not being righteous or anything. Tapi ada kena teriak my mom.. sampai ke bulan pun boleh dengar. Hehehehe..

    * bolitotok = cicak (lizard)
    * gobulan = pemalas (lazy bum) LOL!

    Wow, your mom kinda sound like my mom! *heehee*

  3. wen

    first of all, i wldnt bring my kids out at nite like 2am!! thats way after bed time, secondky, ya, a sweater, cardigan, or at least long pans is a must at that hr for kids. wat was the parents thinking!

  4. shirley

    adui.. so kesian lah the children… have to put on sweater lah.. i also learn my lesson during my confinement coz i dont like to wear sweater.. i kena masuk angin.. never listen to my mother..


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