Take Time To Smell The Shampoo

25th Jul 2008

It was such a beautiful day, despite being awaken by the irritating “Prison Break” soundtrack song coming from the cellphone. I paused for a moment, wondering why of all the song to choose, THAT particular song was chosen for the alarm tone.

Took a shower, dressed accordingly with very light makeup on – then off I go for survival purpose. Since it was such an early and lovely day, I stopped by the salon to get myself a brand new haircut. Yes, today would be the day I part with my long, silky hair. Today is the perfect day to be light headed.

Gave the instruction to the hairstylist: No short fringe. No boyish cut. Just something clean and easy to maintain. The shampoo girl seemed timid – until she opened her mouth that is. In a span of 20 minutes or so, it felt like I have known this girl my entire life. I knew her fiance, I knew about her experience with a robber, I knew where she came from.. heck, I even know what she likes to do on a daily basis!

“Cute feet!” said the shampoo girl next seat as I browse through the magazine.

I gave her a wide smile, looked at my feet and giggled. As much as I couldn’t see the cuteness in there, it gave me some sort of warmth in my chest. Yeah, I probably needed some compliment after seeing my ugly self on the mirror this morning.

When my hair’s finally done, I got all excited. I wanted to take a photo to mark this day. To commemorate the change – until I noticed something. I don’t have the card reader with me.

Worse.. I left the camera at home.

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5 thoughts on “Take Time To Smell The Shampoo

  1. Nessa

    Hi Cindy!

    Ko inda mo balik KL suda ka?? Nice post, made me smile from ear to ear. I also need a haircut la.

    Hi Nessa! Hum.. tak tau lagi lah ni. Mungkin ya, mungkin tidak.. Oh, get a new haircut if you want. It makes you feel light headed! LOL


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