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5th Aug 2008

I got tagged by Dina some time last week. I must say, at this moment, this is one very tough Tag for me, as it brings me back down memory lane.. If it’s not to sappy to admit, I actually had tears welling up my eyes while doing this.

I’m gonna make this really simple and short. So here goes:

“I wish to go back to the age of 22, because that was when my life changed. I finished college, I met someone, I got a job without having to go through interviews and stuff. I gained new experiences: both good and bad. I learned new stuff. I see things. I get things that I would never dream of getting my hands on.

Looking back, had I known that what happened when I was 22 would eventually lead to what I am today, I would’ve done things differently. So different that it would change my life’s history.”

I’m sorry for not being a sport, but I don’t think I’m gonna tag anyone this time.

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5 thoughts on “Tag: Age That I Wish To Go Back To

  1. Kay Kastum

    I wish I could change my past too sis. Look at my ‘situation’ now… (sigh) Sometimes I feel so crappy even melon juice taste sour.

    Well stuff happened for a reason. It’s always for the better. I believe that.

    Yes, things happen for a reason.. but it sounds so easier said than to actually go through with it..

  2. Nick Phillips

    I agree with Kay, things happen for a reason and most times it’s for the best, so your turn will come soon, if it hasn’t already come :D

    But if I could ever go back to an age I would like, it would have to be the age when I was a kid again, no worries, no problems, all I needed to do was eat and sleep … hehehe …

    Yes, life seems so easy being a kid, right? :-)

  3. calvin

    hi…1st time here. lovely blog….. but hey, here’s some brotherly advise if i may. God made time to go forward for a reason, so that we may grow in maturity and wisely. The past is for us to reflect on those moments of whether good or bad, happy or sad, to turn from those wicked or naughty things we have done. And He is also constantly challenging us, testing us…..not trying to preach here..lol. cheers and god bless.


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