Changed My Theme & Corn Eating

22nd Oct 2008

Hi people! Sorry for the lack of updates. (I know, I’ve been apologizing a lot lately – but I mean it, honestly!) I managed to finish my new layout today. What do you think? It’s a bit more “lively” than the previous one, no? But anyway, I hope you’ll like this new theme. :-)

On another note, I would like to introduce you to our local cake made of corn.

I don’t know if it exist in other regions outside Sabah (or Malaysia), but here in Sabah, the Rungus people call it Bintanok Jagung. This local cake is very easy to make. Just blend the corn with some sugar, wrap it up with it’s petal and steam it.

Taste wise? Whoaaa.. makan satu nak lagi!! (roughly translated as: “eat one, you’ll want another!!”)

OK gotta go. I have plenty of bintanok jagung waiting for me on the table and I am planning to eat a lot! (Not sure if I could gain weight from doing this, but hey, there’s always Phentermine diet pills bah!) xD

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17 thoughts on “Changed My Theme & Corn Eating

  1. blusher

    I never knew Sabah food had so many variety especially the kuih-muih. Can courier to me? :B

    BTW, I love this new theme…..It suits you…very suits you. Just that I don’t think your house is an actual toadstool lah. I love the cupcake and the sheep and of course, the tulips in the front yard. Very detailed yet fine picture to describe you :yes:

    Courier? I can make some for you when I’m back in KL! :-)

    Aww.. I wouldn’t call it toadstool. I call it “My Mushroom House”. Hey, I’ve always dreamed of having one, ok? LOL! And thanks for the sweet, kind compliments. You always know how to make me smile, sis!


  2. Nessa

    Very nice Cindy… very the ceria. I laikkkk :D

    Now I feel like making Bintanok Jagung, cam sinang mo buat.. hehe

    Thank you, thank you, Nessa. Glad you like it.

    Make some la, sinang saja. Kasi blender saja tu isi jagung with sugar – jgn sampai telampau hancur la, nanti tak sedap suda. No need to add water or anything lagi. Then bungkus, then steam. Sedap tau~~

  3. chegu carol

    whoaaa…this is new to me. i mean the bintanok jagung. sinang lagi tu mau buat.

    cin…ko sinang sdh kah sekarang? ;)
    i think i need a new theme for xmas lah…hehehe

    That looks good, I haven’t tried that before, gotta ask Mel to find me some when I go back to KK in July for 2 weeks! :-)

    Hiya chegu. Ya, sinang saja bikin ni. Tutup mata pun maybe can make. Aisey~ :-P

    Hmm, sinang tu tidak juga lah sinang, but if you want a new Christmas theme tu bulih juga. But might take a while la.. how?

  4. emelda

    moi i like your new theme..cute :D

    Hmm, i never see this “cake” before but i dont mind trying it though..looks yummy :D

    Hehehe.. kotohuadan. Eh, cubalah the “cake”, Mel. Sedap tau. :-D

  5. Nick Phillips

    Nope, they definitely don’t have it outside of Sabah cos I’ve never seen anything like that before. You guys get all the good food … hehehe …

    And the new theme looks cool. I like the little mushroom house :D Well done.

    They don’t…? My, no wonder I get really “healthy” everytime I’m back in Sabah..

    And thank u, thank u for calling it little mushroom house – not toadstool. LOL!

  6. kolos

    hmm…cindy..kasi introduce lagi tu bintanok ubi kayu bah…. a.k.a ‘Bintanok Runti”..hehe..makan satu pasti rebut orng punya lagi..hehe..

    Kalau ada org buat, nanti I kasi share la. Ehehe..

  7. eshark

    wauuu!! cun woh this new look.. I like the house, like the sheep makan fruit (apple ka that?)and I like the mail box..

    The Bintanok looks sadap, manis2 ka this?

    Hi eshark! Long time no blog-talk. Ehehehe.. Ya bah, apple bah that. King apple lah konon. Hahaha!

    Ui sadap bah ni Bintanok. Manis-manis lagi tu. :-) (unless ko kasi kurang gula la)

  8. eshark

    Heeee.. ya bah! long time suda..

    I knew it this Bintanok sure manis2 one, Even if I got my gigi berlubang here and there tapi sia mo rasa jugak that Bintanok. bulih commercialize ni food.

    Ko cubalah buat sikit.. sedap tau. Then if you commercialize it, remember to pay me royalty juga. Ha! Ha! ha!

  9. ArMs

    I never heard of such jagung. Bintanok Jagung ah. Hmmm, nanti cya cari tu. Looks like jagung yang really bangas that… haaha. Kidin…

    btw, I really like your new theme! Cantik owh all your themes kan ;)

    Hehehe. Terima kasih daun keladi. Lain kali puji lagi. Hahaha! Bah, ko cari lah kalau ada jual tu Bintanok Jagung di KK. Macam sia ndak pernah nampak oh..

  10. Erin

    I would really like to have some of that corn! It looks delicious!! And I’m a horrible cook so I’m sure I could screw it up!!

    Oh, sweetie.. I’m a horrible cook myself. But you can never go wrong with this one. It’s too easy. Just blend (with blender), wrap, steam and you’re ready to eat! :-)

  11. blusher

    Haha..Cindy, no offense, but I think toadstools are more magical….minus the gnomes lah…hehehe!

    Ahh.. now that you mentioned gnomes, I should’ve added some garden gnomes too lah in the header. :-(

  12. Typical Rungus

    You forgot to mention that it will taste better if you use Jagung Kampung(a type of corn grow by Rungus) can get it? the one made from jagung kampung abviously.


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