My First Chocolate Cake Baking

28th Oct 2008

Attempted it today and it turned out just fine. :-)

Of course, I had my team of food testers at home which consists of my mom, dad, sister and our 2 pet dogs.

So far:

i. I got the OK nod from dad, which means the cake’s good. Haha!
ii. No response from my sis, but she had a few helpings of this cake in the past 20 minutes. LOL
iii. Mom haven’t tried it yet, she’s quite busy with stuff for tomorrow’s rosary prayer at home.
iv. BonBon (the kampung dog) definitely loves it and wants some more!
v. Girly, our eldest pet, kind of love the cake. She prefers the chocolate toppings more.

The verdict: I think I did a great job on this one. *teehee*

Time to share this cake with the neighbor next door. And oh, if you’d like the recipe of this chocolate cake, you can find it here. (Bake it, steam it, you can do both ways)

Have a blessed day, everyone!

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13 thoughts on “My First Chocolate Cake Baking

  1. massy

    memandangkan i oledi comment at the other blog about the tasty looking chocolate cake yang bikin aku lapar tahap maksima, hmph~ i now shall comment about ur new cute layout. OMG sheeps! XD

    LOL lapar tahap maksima lagi tu. You also always post food pics in your blog wo.. ones that never ceased to make me drool all over my notebook!

    PS: Thank you, thank you.. cute kah new layout I? Ehehehehe..

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