What’s Up, “Mate”?

24th Oct 2008

Is it like the dog’s mating season now? Coz our neighbor’s dog couldn’t stop humping the other female dog. (I had to resist myself from using the B word. Ha! Ha!) It’s irritating, I tell you. And disturbing too. For like every hour or so, we could hear the female dog making this weird noise like she’s “crying” while the male dog was shoving his stuff into her. Even my mom couldn’t stand the cries. “MENGGINTAK JAK KAMU!!!” (Sorry, only Sabahan people would know what “Gintak” means. Next time la I explain, ok?)

And to make things worse, these dogs love doing their stuff at our backyard – we happened to have this huge window at our dining room, facing the backyard!!! -_-”

We have dogs of our own too, but we kept them locked inside the house. Mom didn’t want Girly to mate with the other fugly dogs. Besides, my parents are not ready to be grandparents yet. Ha!

Here’s a picture I took of Girly not too long ago.

All sad and frustrated. LOL

How about the dogs in your area? Any mating session going on? :þ

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11 thoughts on “What’s Up, “Mate”?

  1. shirley a.k.a beautiza

    doi..so funny.. i remember my nephew calling my mum one day… ‘mama ko tingu tu anjing seblah..dia melakat sama c rocky’ (our female dog)…my mum so kelam kabut go out n see.. rupanya..kena gintak gia…. kin malu oh..

    Haha! Ya bah, apalagi if the dogs melakat depan rumah. Bikin malu saja oh the sight.

  2. chegu carol

    so far…no ‘intruders’ came to the house. im so gonna guard dino this time. no more pups. we have too many of them already.

    Oh yeah, I remember your post about guarding your dog (was it Dino or Girlie?) from those stray dogs. You even took picture of them waiting outside the gate. LOL

  3. Phil

    Will the real Gintak pls stand up?

    Opps…sorry…the real Gintak has passed away bogia…he died of old age..the man who created history in Sabah LoL

    Rest in Peace, Gintak!

    ..his legacy continues!

  4. ArMs

    Did you took that pic of Girly during the mating season? Because she looks pretty sad, right? keeke. Maybe because hearing other dogs hump frustrates her ;B

    Hmmm, come to think of it… ada la juga anjing-anjing berkumpul-kumpul. But they never stay in one place. Maybe want to find a good spot to ehem-ehem :P

    Ya, taken during the mating season la tu. Kesian kan? LOL

    Wow, the dogs in your area are probably more private dogs – suka di tempat yang gelap-gelap or sunyi punya. :B

  5. Erin

    OMG that’s awkward!! maybe it’s “that time of the month” for dogs? so weird!! is it common in Malaysia to “fix” your dogs so that they don’t have sex? (it’s almost the law here!) yes, keep your doggie inside! YOU aren’t ready to be a new mom either!! (PS: my husband says the B word all the time! His daughters have a female dog that keeps having puppies and he always calls the poor dog by that name! They don’t “fix” or prevent puppy pregnancies in Chile).

    Yes, it’s quite common for us here in Malaysia to “fix” the dogs to prevent them from mating with “strangers”. Haha. Yes, I aint’ ready to be a mother, and I’m far from wanting to be an aunt! LOL

  6. Kay Kastum

    Wah theme baru!!!

    You know what. Let Girly have em’! Kesian dia. They also got needs you know (besides eating durian)

    Cantik kah theme baru sia? Ehehehe..

    Aiya, cannot anyhow let them have her lah. We don’t want to have fugly puppies roaming around the house, do we? :-P

  7. carol

    so far no sight of them (dogs) at my place lah but ive heard already my mum complaining coz d kampung bnyk doggies hehehe..poor mum

    Ya bah, I think it’s the mating season bah now. Everywhere I see “double” these days..


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