17 thoughts on “Getting Into The Christmas Mood

  1. chegu carol

    Cinnnn…i want Christmas theme too.
    Can you just help me tweak a bit of my current theme to make it feel more Christmas-ly? Pleaseeeeeeee….

    Oh wait…I should email you rather than begging you here. Hehehe

    Tweak apa macam? You want Santa hat on your illo? Or maybe a Christmas tree?
    Tell me! I might help! Hehehe!

  2. Nick Phillips

    Wah Cindy, it feels so much like Christmas here :D Great work, makes mine look pathetic by comparison.

    Hey, don’t say that! Yours is great too! In fact, your blog and Nessa was among the first I saw who came up with Christmas theme – which inspired me to make my own too! :-D

  3. MrsGraig

    hi cindy..love ur christmas theme..i always admire ur design from the beginning i got into ur site..hehe..keep up the good work kio ^-^

    Hi Mrs. Graig, thanks for taking the time to stop by! How’s baby Melody? I am sooo looking forward to see her pics!

    Thanks for the compliment too. Really glad to know you like this new theme. :o)

  4. Joan

    wow wee :D :love: …me likey your theme..which reminds me that i havent put my blog into xmas mood yet.

    Hi Joan. Thanks for dropping by! :o) Let me know when you’ve decorated your blog with those Christmas things!

  5. lydia bungkak

    anty….nice jugak theme ko tp mcm biasa sja bh tu pic santa…cuba ko simpan tu tikus2 cinderella tu…melekat-lekat d baju tu santa minta present..hehehehe…atau santa looking from sky ka..hehehehe….kc meriah sikit anty…ada music2 xmas..hehehehe…

    Tikus?! LOL.. nanti Santa pun lari oh…

  6. Joe Kadau

    Woow, what a wonderful site. Very nice. oh oh oh “Merry X’mas”…….

    Aiyo boss, long time no see! Bila mau start blog lagi ni? Banyak sudah masalah kesihatan sia since you stopped blogging about kesihatan ni.. hahaha

  7. Mary Ann

    You never fail to amaze me Cindy… love your theme! Where do you have the time to do all this? :) :love:

    Annnnnnnnn!! OMG OMG Annnnn!! Long time no see! Miss you sooooo much!!! How are you lar? Hope everything’s great over there! I forgot to tell you how much I love those soaps you sent me! Thank you!!

    Heheh.. ni lah kalau banyak free time to design bah kan? *wink*

  8. mistyeiz

    i like! i like! i like!!! also reminds me that christmas is just around the corner!!!! eh, i oso want christmas theme la…. :) i really have no idea how you start designing ur designs la. leave me o so pinga2 like that…..btw, did u get my message abt someone stealing one of ur themes n claiming them as their own? i sent u a mail as well. but since u didnt reply, i assume u’ve taken action la….thanks for stopping by n commenting my PH. :)

    Heya Yvy! Long time no see!

    Oh hey, I actually received that email from you, but silly me, kept forgetting to reply. Ah well, all’s well now. :o) Thanks ya? And glad you like the new theme. Yay!


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