A Visit To The Guitar Maker

20th Jan 2009

About a week ago, my BF took me to his favorite guitar maker – the person who made his unique Sapetar – and boy, did I had lots of fun staring and gawking at all the his beautiful, superb creations!

The first thing that caught my attention was a very unique piece called Sapelele.
(A combination of sapeSarawakian musical instrument – and ukulele.)

It reminds me so much of my BF’s sapetar – only his was a guitar version.
Cute sapelele, don’t you think?

Jeff, the sapelele creator, even gave us a demo on how the sapelele sounds like.
It was amazing!

We also managed to take a few shots of the custom guitar found in his workshop.

All of Jeff’s custom made guitars are made of very high quality materials and woods. Even his works are delicate that when you take a closer look at the details of the guitar, your breath will be taken away! It was THAT good.

It was fun visiting Jeff. Not only does the man have very good hands and imaginations for his guitar creations, Jeff is also a man with very good sense of humor. You’ll never feel awkward when talking to this super creative and talented man. Trust me!

Well, that’s about all the photos I can share with you. I couldn’t post the photos of his other, more beautifully created custom guitar due to privacy to the custom guitar owners. And besides, most of the beautiful ones are still in the process of making. Posting the unfinished photos wouldn’t be nice to both the creator and the owner, no?

But if you’d like to see the rest of Jeff’s creations, or even better, maybe want a custom guitar for yourself, do contact me. You had to go to him through me because I forgotten to take his contact details! LOL! (My BF has his contact no. so.. I guess I could ask him for you if you really need it) But do remember this, if you’re planning to get Jeff to create a guitar for you:


His creations are so beautiful, you wouldn’t mind spending extra on the guitar even after spending your money on online auto insurance. *hee*

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10 thoughts on “A Visit To The Guitar Maker

  1. chegu carol

    ok, this is not guitar related…just curious, hows ur violin lesson going on?

    Violin lesson had to be postponed for a while, coz I gotta concentrate on something else at the moment.. Something “new” in life konon.. hahahah

  2. papajoneh

    macam tu anti spam word, gorigitan sia oh tinguk ni sapalele.. memang cantik…
    and use firefox guys/gals. the best browser in the world. When Im coding, the 90% time is for IE.. i hate IE too.

    Wahh.. PapaJ, long time no see! Ya bah, bikin gorigitan bah the sapelele kan? So cute!


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